27/11/05 The Aborigines love punk and roll !

Lars Wallin from Uddevalla-Sweden is the guest today with some of my favorite Saints and Chris Bailey’s songs from the albums Eternally hours, All fool days, Scarce Saints and Demons. Lars sang in a punk rock band the Strawdogs, is as big Saints’ fan as me, now is playing didgeridoo and touring with an aborigines band from Australia : the White Cockatoo…sometimes he plays The Saints songs with his didgeridoo…you understood why I was attracted…nice meltingpod ! I met him only on the internet through his very interesting website, with a lot of Saints’pics and videos (in 2003 and 2005). I recommand you : Chris Bailey and the local Saints (a bunch of Lars’ friends); the sound is not very good but the show is very exciting. The White Cockatoo’s videos are amazing (tour 2005 : Kunkurra, Tiwi Warrior, Liftaren…). I hope I could do something to divert their European tour until Marseille next year…


Black and white pics : Lars and the Strawdogs. Colours : Chris Bailey playing guitar in Sweden and Lars playing didgeridoo in Australia.The White Cockatoo in action : click to enlarge (every pics from Lars Wallin’s website).

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Meltingpod (and Lars) Connections : Meltingpod loves the video from Hardcoresuperstar. Download these burning Wild Boys from Sweden who strangely cross the news here in France.

21/11/05 New : Meltingtalks N°1 !!

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Warning : Only Meltingpod connections interviews with people from 12 different countries of Europe…they were in Marseille last week to launch a European network cooperative « BLINC (Blended Learning Institutions Cooperative)« , Eurocircle’s friends…it means friends of mine who organized the meeting…I love music and specially rock and roll, but I love with the same energy to feel myself connected with the whole world in one unique place . I did spontaneous interviews with strangers for me : who are you ? what are you doing here ? …funny experience and I had the surprise to meet people very involved to improve our society…I’ll post next time the whole interviews with Claudia from Portugal, Adela from Romania, Hanife from Turkey : nice passionated women !!
I hope you will follow me in this new adventure (how do you say « aphrodisiac in your country ? hey !)…For those of you who only loves rock and roll…in a few days, I will post a rock podcast as usual, don’t worry…But you must accept the terrible reality : I AM A MELTINGPOD !! Come on !
Music : Marseille from the Angels (live album 2005).

The BLINC band ! I’m recording an interesting meltingtalk…at the dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends ! Thanks to the BMI and ASCAP to let us playing for free on our podcasts the music of the US bands who registered their copyrights there (if we have the permission of the artists and their labels). In France, we can only sing : SACEM, we are not criminals!

14/11/05 Safe between the Angels and the Saints

Buzz Bidstrup, the Angelsband‘s drummer, songwriter, manager and producer, talks with me from Australia about copyrights, labels and agreements to play free music on the internet for non-profit podcasters who promote the bands : more a cool conversation than an classical interview. I played many songs of the Angels’ four first albums : « The Angels-Face to Face-No Exit-Dark Room » (1977 à 80 : Albert Productions) and the Angelsband’s last live album recorded at the Basement in Sidney in November 2004 (released by the Angelsband themselves). That’s Podsafe ?

     back-cover of the last live album…Marseille, nice town…now !!

The Angels in Paris in 1981: Buzz makes jokes ! (pics : theangels.free.fr)

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Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to Christophe for his precious website and work about the Angels’ discography (every released albums with dates, line-up and labels there !!).
Hamster Atomique has a nice blog too with a lot of stuff about Australia and every Angels, Angelscity, Angelsband.
ALERT !!! EUCD.INFO…if you can read French have a look about this interesting review, if not just look at the evocative pics…
The new law about the copyrights seems to be only a part of the iceberg…even the musicians could lose the possibilities to give their own music to download in free mp3 files on their own websites…logic, no ?!
What are we waiting for ???

3/11/05 1, 2, 3…Meltingvideopod N°1 !!

1,2,3…ROCK AND ROLL !!! I’m glad to offer you my first videopodcast, entirely devoted to promote the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs from L.A…Yeah !
I don’t have a digital camcorder yet and I will use this new media in the next future ONLY to complete sometimes my podcasts and blog with Pictures&Action and spread the music I love like always.
I watched this SWC video many many times; Scott Patterson and his crew filmed this concert in Boston in 2001 with talent and a lot of love for the subject : it’s a real good job ! I hope you will like it too. This video is available on the SWC album : Guitars, Guns and Gold released by Triple X Records (video added to the cd by Wrong Beach Multimedia). If you’re lucky you can even buy the last copy…in Marseille…at Lollipop Records !!


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Meltingpod connections :
The best Rawk’n’roll French fanzine opens this month the News page with Meltingpod : thanks Dig It !!
Have a look on my other website myspace.com/meltingpod : there is a comment from Adam of the Black Halos and a funny article sent by a friend, someone called « The Brian Jones » (special girls, Stones’ fans) !!