30/03/06 Marseille rebel city !

Two new podcasts on MELTINGTALK with a long report of March 28 th about the last demo in Marseille against the gouvernment or for an other concept of life…80 minutes walking in the streets with music and interviews in four podcasts : enjoy Parts ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR !


Paris’ and Marseille’s pictures taken during the same demonstration : different ambiences ! (Paris’pic : Gonzale, Marseille’s pic Baptiste Morin).
In the both cities together : around 1 million people were in the streets, 3 millions in the whole France !! (info from the demonstration’s promoters).

Meltingpod Connections :
Two French podcasters with different opinions spoke about Meltingtalks and this event : Cyrille Cauber from InterFlou and Loïc Le Meur !

25/03/06 Preparing a new Revolution ?

What’s happening in France ? Did the French people become silly or just sick and tired of their gouvernement ? Remember our stolen last elections : Le Pen or Chirac ? for four years we must accept every day the consequences of this stupid offer…next year a new President’s election is scheduling and the politicians did a series of mistakes voting bad laws in the urgency without consultation (btw : DADVSI’s law was voted this week by the National Assembly) but with the arrogance from the kings : a bad image in our collective memory !!! The young (and older) people simply are in the streets to say : ENOUGH ! STOP NOW !
Next big demo all ages expected March 28th : I will try to do a podcast…


Paris March 18th : pics from a great 20 years old photographer Gonzale.
She gave me her agreement to edit these pics; if you want to see more go to Woomp or Flickr; it was a long time I ever saw so nice pics !! Congratulations Gonzale ! Thanks to Loïc to turn me on her and indirectly on him : Manu Chao wants to help !
Don’t forget to check the new super great fantastic podcast on MELTINGTALKS 100% women (in French only, sorry).

19/03/06 Conversation with the Angels

The Angelsband were touring Australia-Queensland these last days and I was with them through Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels’ drummer) ‘s cell phone : I did an interview « backstage » with Rick Brewster, the terribly talentuous Angels’s lead guitarist who never left the band…with a very strong faith in that band (as famous as AC/DC in Australia and in the US) he spoke about his musical evolution during 30 years.
The Angels started in 1976 with the Brewster’s brothers Rick and John (lead guitar and guitar), Doc Neeson on lead vocals, Buzz Bidstrup on drums, Chris Bailey on bass : I played « I ain’t the one » recorded live at Thirsty ear festival in 1980 with this line-up, « Dogs are talking » and « Let the night roll on » released in « Beyond Salvation » in 1990 with Rick Brewster, Doc Neeson, Bob Spencer on guitar, Brent Eccles on drums, Jim Hilbun on bass. Now in 2006, the Angelsband are still touring with the original members back again (Rick with Buzz and Chris but without Doc, John playing guitar and singing the lead vocals) : you can find the song I played « Face the day » in their last album recorded live in Sydney in 2004 and released in 2005.

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Rick Brewster playing guitar, Rick with Doc (pics from DVD « the Angels from all angles »), the crowd enjoying « Marseille » during the Angels’concert at Narara (Australia) in 1983, my Swedish friend Lars Wallin sending a Meltingpod ID from his didgeridoo (click on the pic to watch the video) !!

      Meltingpod Connections : pics sent today March 20 th by Lars
It’s a true nice Meltingpod connection : Lars Wallin saw the Black Halos touring Europe in Goteborg-Sweden and met my friend Adam Becvare, the Black Halos‘ guitarist now, born in Brisbane-Australia (a town near the places where I did the phone interviews with the Angels in this podcast !!).

8/03/06 Meltingpod podcast already one year !!

My podcast first anniversary, I never thought in March 8th 2005 I would record more than one podcast; I tried one and the the addiction came ! Today is the number 40 !! with a lot of friends and listeners who never stopped to give me their support one year long : Thank you, really…some of you are fantastic, a comment posted after each show…so nice !
In this show you will listen to the Black Halos (Broken), the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (Satisfy, Motor City Rock and Roll and Shauna) and the Angels (« Be with you » and « Marseilles » live in the car as dedication for the Anniversary !!!), my very first song played on the podcast N°1 : Bebe Clandestine ( E stupido), nice audio comments sent for the anniversary by friends and podcasters : Michael Butler and the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Bertrand Lenotre with le podcasteur, Luc Saint-Elie in video, Saskia with Saskianation, Pierre Journel with le podcast de la Cabane au Canada and a lot of ID recorded for a year with musicians and people from around the world…enjoy the sound, the music, the different languages and Meltingpod with Annie from Marseille !

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Doc Neeson from the Angels singing Marseille in « costume » at Narara (Australia) in 83, my friend Michael Butler recording a podcast for his Rock and roll geek show from San Francisco (webcam’s pic), my friend Luc St Elie in video (click to watch on the pic) telling his hard experience helping me from Paris to build Meltingpod’s website one year ago and Doc again (pics from Angels’DVD) !

Meltingpod Connections :
What would I do without Cyrille of Inter-Flou ? he wrote to the world for days Meltingpod is in NETIZEN N°2 (THE monthly French blogs magazine) and I only bought it today : hey ! half a page N°57, nice, thanks Netizen !!
Today March 9 th I was invited to talk about DADVSI on Radio Grenouille, the best radio in Marseille : the entire show « Cocotte musique » 1h30 long will be broadcasted Sunday March 12th at 11:30 AM (88.8 FM).
The true website who talks about DADVSI : lestelechargements.fr.
A new show on MELTINGTALKS about Eurocircle‘s projects and networks.

1/03/06 Meltingpod blog : First Anniversary !

March 1st : I write that date here with emotion…a year before I opened this blog to start a podcast without knowing how to do really…a lot of memories are coming through my head mixed with sounds, pictures, laughs, old and new friends around the world who supported me this whole year, a nice adventure…thanks you !
March 8th 2005 I put on line the first podcast…March 8th 2006 will be the N°40 : a special anniversary show (if you want to participate with mp3 files you can send them to meltingpod at gmail.com). What do think, feel, hope, would like, want now ?…tell me…if nothing too bad for you…:)

Some of my best shots last year during the live recording for Meltingpod : don’t ask me why the both pics are with Ruyter from Nashville Pussy …just a question of lights show…:) In fact I love every my pictures and every my podcasts ! PS : every pics on this blog are mine (except special mentions) with reserved rights under Creative Commons (as the podcasts).