27/05/06 Meltingpunkspirits !

The Gossip from the USA, Nonstop aka Fredo Roman from France, the Saints from everywhere…Meltingpunkspirits are on Meltingpod today : enjoy their music without moderation. The first both bands are playing in the festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort– June 30th, don’t miss them ! their interviews will be soon edited on the Eurockeeennes podcast and on Meltingtalks : stay connected, they are really interesting people to meet !

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The Gossip, Nonstop (pic Vinciane) and the Eurocks (pics from their sites)

Meltingpod Connections : thanks to Loïc Le Meur for his review !

26/05/06 Meltingpod podcasts the Eurockeennes !

Meltingpod was invited by the French festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort-team (one of the biggest European rock festival) to podcast some bands who are playing this summer between June 30th and July 2th : I got a list with different artists probably free to answer my questions. You can imagine that I accepted with pleasure that challenge : calling musicians having musical styles ranging from rap-hip-hop to rock-electro-rock-metal via French chansons…that was something made for Meltingpod !!
The interviews will be most of the time in French that’s why I chose to edit them on my other website : MELTINGTALKS ; but I will give you here the interviews in English, news or videos. Stay connected !
You could already find on Meltingtalks two podcasts : the first one with Katerine a French musician who sings funny and provocative songs and the second one with a band from the suburbs of Paris called La Caution who surfs the wave rap-hip-hop-electro and give us good lyrics, sincere without compromise.

Katerine, the Eurockeennes logo, La Caution (pics from their own sites)

7/05/06 Walpurgis night (Berlin part 2)

I invite you to Walpurgis night (April 30th) in Berlin-Friedrishain (ex-East Berlin) with A.C.K. a punk band from Frankfurt am Main who is singing lyrics in German very involved in politics specially against racism and fascism. The whole night the ambience was electric hesitating between a ritual civil urban war like for every 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg or only a provocation to the police for fun…I let you dive in the sound and hear the story in both languages English and German. Thanks to Ralf, Markus and Gisbert, my partners in this adventure.

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The concert with A.C.K. with the police’s presence everywhere; from 10:pm the police « began cleaning the place » but it was possible to escape in a bar and look at their operations throught the window : surrealistic for me !

Meltingpod Connections :
May 15 th : A very enthusiastic report about Meltingod and Meltingtalks by le Podauditeur a website and podcast about the French independant podcasting : Thanks Mr Vertigo !
May 11 th : Two new podcasts in French about the law DADVSI at the Senat with a Senator’s interview : Enjoy the French politic on MELTINGTALKS !

6/05/06 Buzz to Buzzcocks

Conversation with Buzzcocks, my neighbours in a plane flying to Berlin (funny coincidence no ?), with Markus driving from the airport to Wild at Heart in Kreuzberg, then live rock and roll with Motorcity Brags from Italy and Copy Cats from Germany…Enjoy this special podcast Berlin part 1 !

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2/05/06 May in Berlin

I survived after three nights in Berlin hearing tons of bands often more punk than rock !
It already began in the plane to Berlin : by coincidence, I sat down beside a 70’s legendary punk rock band from London and I did a funny interview with them !! Then I ran to Wild at Heart for two concerts.
The second day was reserved to the Walpurgis night in Friedrichshain with music in the street and a very special ballet ritually and regularly improved by the German police : fight or not fight ?
The whole May 1st, Kreuzberg the neighborhood where I lived, was traditionnaly destroyed by conflicts with the police; this year : one unique burning trash and the police stayed under control ! « My fest » directly managed by Kreuzberg’s citizens offered a lot of different kind of music from 2 pm to 3 am with many bands on 11 stages. I stayed most of the time near the punk stage but I listened to a lot of good world music too. I recorded 5 x 80 minutes of shows, ambiance in the streets and interviews : good podcasts are coming soon…:)