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#92 Interview with Ed Kuepper joining at the guitar Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for touring the European Summer festivals and giving news about the Saints and Laughing Clowns shows at ATP 2009 in Australia Part 1

In this podcast and interview ED KUEPPER explains how he is joining NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS for their next European tour this Summer !! He is playing guitar in the band for a lot of festivals after Mick Harvey one of the founding member and guitarist left at the end of the ATP 2009 in Australia.

The Saints and the Bad Seeds at ATP in Sydney January 2009 (thanks Judi !)

Invited by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (ATP’s curators) Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey reformed with their drummer Ivor Hay The Saints‘ original line-up for 6 shows during that festival last January and they added Archie Larizza at the bass and a three pieces horn section. We spoke with Ed about the rehearsals and specially about two songs I heard through the internet and recorded Live by fans : One Way Street in Melbourne (a new/old version!!) and Nights in Venice in Mt Buller.

Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper together on stage with the Saints at ATP (Mt Buller) January 9th 2009 (pics Black Shadow Photography)

But Nick Cave invited Ed to reform the Laughing Clowns for three shows at ATP too, two shows being scheduled in the same night than the Saints !! I played for the first time on Meltingpod some Laughing Clowns’ songs : « New Bully in the Town », »As your bridges burn behind you » (studio versions) and a excerpt from « Come One Come All » (recorded Live at Mt Buller by a fan). In the second part of the podcast we will speak with Ed about the Laughing Clowns’ reunion after 25 years and their projects in the next future with more songs’ excerpts from that incredible band !!! (post punk ???..:)

Louise Elliott, Biff Millar and Ed Kuepper with the Laughing Clowns at ATP (Mt Buller) January 10th 2009 (pics James Edge)

ATP Australia 2009 with the Saints and Laughing Clowns : Live pics and reviews from Mt Buller, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney !!

I couldn’t be in person there but my Meltingpod’s correspondents in Australia sent me their spontaneous reviews and live pics about the All Tomorrow’s parties’ festival 2009 these last days at Mt Buller, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with both of my favorite bands : the Saints and Laughing Clowns !!!

The Saints at Melbourne January 14th : Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper having fun on stage together again with the horn section in the background

Ed and his Laughing Clowns (Louise, Leslie, Jeffrey) at Mt Buller January 10th : their first show since 1984 ! Alister Spence joined them at the keyboard.
Thanks to Richard Sharman for his agreement to publish here his fabulous pics; check his gallery at Black Shadow Photography for more.

Ivor Hay with the Saints at Melbourne (pic Froggie) Chris and Archie Larizza at Brisbane (pic Bob Nebe) Laughing Clowns at Sydney : Ed and Jeffrey Wegener then Louise Elliott with Leslie Millar and Jeffrey (pic Papageno)

To imagine the ambience at Sydney with THE SAINTS playing « Know your product », thanks to the fans !!!!!

I will publish later more of their pics to illustrate I hope a podcast soon with interviews and live recordings about these performances: in the waiting I’m editing a still unpublished long interview recorded with Ed in August 2007 about his Saints’ period at Brisbane and at London : yes it’s a shame but I never found the good moment ! so from now stay in touch !
Here the live reports from :
Froggie who was at the Saints’ Melbourne’s show January 14th,
Bob who was at the Brisbane show January 15th where the Saints created a scandal because they didn’t play their famous song « I’m stranded », a kind of ironic story !! check his blog That Striped Sunlight Sound for more,
Papageno who was at the Sydney show January 17th with Laughing Clowns and the Saints !!
Malcolm who was at Mt Buller completly seduced by the Laughing Clowns !! It’s very funny because at my request for a review he proposed to me to publish the spontaneous private message he sent to her friend in N.Y. !!
I hope you will appreciate their enthusiasm and sincerity.

Froggie after the Melbourne show :
« hey there!
it was a great performance… Continuer la lecture de ATP Australia 2009 with the Saints and Laughing Clowns : Live pics and reviews from Mt Buller, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney !!

Happy New Year 2009 with great rock news : The original Saints and Laughing Clowns reform at All Tomorrow’s parties festival in Australia in January thanks to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds !

My best wishes to you from a pic I took during « Yes, peut-être » written by Marguerite Duras performed by my friends Kinou and Pascale from « La Matière » at l’Embobineuse at Marseille…Thanks for all your Christmas/New Year’s wishes sent on myspace/meltingpod !!

« 69…année érotique » (69…erotic year) wrote Gainsbourg for his sensual partner Jane Birkin… »2009…année érotique » could be sung as well this year (in French) and such a lovely thought could protect us with pink glasses against all the black news we are expecting in the next days and months : massacre in Palestine (NO ! there is not self-defence when soldiers kill the babies in their mothers’ arms !!), more wars, more unemployed and homeless people after the Stock Exchange’s world crisis, more and more often the observation of the non-respect of the human rights and the press’ freedom…difficult to stay outside the society and just to speak about rock and roll but…anyway you’re here for that, so…
GREAT ROCK NEWS for my Australian listeners and readers if you still didn’t check the ATP or All Tomorrow’s Parties’ festival’s site : in a few days, from January 9th exactly, inside an impressive musical programme…
two of ED KUEPPER‘ s old bands are reforming with the original members to play there at the invitation of curators NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS :


THE SAINTS with founding members Chris Bailey (vocals), Ed Kuepper (guitar) and Ivor Hay (drums) + Archie Larizza (bass) and a three piece horn section, they will bring you 5 times to their Paradise :
9th Jan at Mt Buller Victoria and 17th and 18th Jan at Sydney (Cockatoo Island) during the ATP festival
14th Jan at Melbourne and 15th Jan at Brisbane for two ATP besideshows where The Saints will perform their whole first album « I’m Stranded » !!!
BTW : X (founded by Ian Rilen) will open the Melbourne show with performing their whole album « At home with you »!!
LAUGHING CLOWNS with Ed Kuepper (guitar and vocals) Jeffrey Wegener (drums) Louise Elliott (sax) and Leslie Millar (upright bass), they will do their first return on stage since 1984 with 4 shows :
10th Jan at at Mt Buller Victoria and 17th and 18th Jan at Sydney (Cockatoo Island) during the ATP festival (3 hours before the Saints’ show !! Go Ed !!)
and 23th Jan at Brisbane (outside the ATP festival)

PS : I will publish new podcasts as soon as the flu’s bad virus which catched me from Christmas will let my ears and voice free again…it’s Winter and cold here !

Meltingpod Connections : Update January 10th : THE SAINTS are giving another show with NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS at Mona Foma festival at Hobart in Tasmania Januray 12th !!
Update January 7th 2009…when I told you…

it’s Winter at Marseille city !! more pics on MELTINGTALKS !!

6/02/08 Meltingpics Retrospective 2007 : The Lords of the New Church in England, Rose Tattoo in Germany, GANGgajang and the Rock and Roll Heaven in Australia !!

I got a lot of pictures from my listeners in 2007 and I promised to choose some of them to publish on Meltingpod : so you could appreciate the work of some of these great passionated rock photographers :
Sandra Smith a French woman who made the trip to London October 31th to see one of her favorite bands : The Lords of the New Church with :
Dave Tregunna at the bass, Adam Becvare at the guitar and vocals,
Brian James at the guitar and Toby Vishram on the drums

Then Helene Keller (Helik) a German woman who took such beautiful pics from Rose Tattoo at Postdam (near Berlin) July 27th :
Geordie Leach and Angry Anderson, Paul De Marco, Mick Cocks

At least Errol Laggner an Australian man who had the privilege to be at the big rock event scheduled December 15th at Wollongong in Australia « Rock and Roll Heaven » with a lot of the greatest Aussie rock bands like Rose Tattoo, the Angelsband, The Screaming Jets, Choirboys, GANGgajang, The Radiators, Party Boys playing together raising money to build the Dunn & Lewis Memorial Youth Centre; Errol sent me many many pics but I haven’t a pics gallery on this blog and I just chose GANGgajang a band I interviewed without having recent live pics to illustrate my last podcast with :
Geoff Stapleton, Mark Callaghan, Robert James, Chris Bailey and…Buzz Bidstrup ! + a part of this great line-up at the Rock and Roll Heaven with :

Geoff Stapleton, Robert James, Rick Brewster, (John’s son, Tom Brewster who replaced Buzz on the drums with the Angelsband : Buzz played with GANGgajang and the Party Boys on that show), Kevin Borich, John Brewster, Daï Pritchard, Dave Gleeson, Angry Anderson and Buzz !!
A great emotion watching that pic and thinking I did interviews with almost all these musicians the last three years thank to Buzz…:)
So thank you again Sandra, Helene and Errol and thank to you all who sent me your pics or comments the whole last year and actively participated to the Meltingpod’s life !!

#71 The Saints at Pig City Queensland Music Festival on stage with the original line up again for Bastille Day 2007 with Ed Kuepper’s interview and live show’s extracts

To listen to the interview with Ed Kuepper (mp3 : 35 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Chris Bailey and Caspar Wijnberg, Ivor Hay and the horn section, The original Saints with Caspar, Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey…the both school friends together on stage again (pic Judi Dransfield Kuepper).

The Original Saints played their unique reunion show at the Pig City Queensland Music festival for Bastille Day after a 30 years separation and Meltingpod emotionally was with them in Australia !!
The Saints founders Chris Bailey (vocals), Ed Kuepper (guitar) and Ivor Hay (drums) added to their original line-up Caspar Wijnberg The current Saints‘ bass guitarist and a three piece horn section to give a concert like everybody would have dreamed it after their third and ultime last album Prehistoric Sound in 78…
I was in contact with Ed Kuepper for two months and I lived virtually the preparation of the show; he knew as I was disappointed not to be there like a lot of fans too so he sent me two files recorded during the live show with the agreement to play some short extracts : a DVD could be released around the end of the year and he made me the pleasure to give me a spontaneous interview a few days after the show !!
I hope you will appreciate this delicate atention.

Meltingpod Connections (Update August 2 sd)
More infos in French on about this podcast with Ed Kuepper and the Saints and a cool review on Sincever a French music webmagazine : Thanks a lot for your support Ben !

28/05/07 More about The Saints !!

     For those of you who wrote to me to know more about The Saints :
The Saints Live at Paddington Town Hall in 1977 with « Demolition Girl »and « Night in Venice » (click on the pics to watch the video). Three of the four members from this original line-up : Ivor Hay (drums) Chris Bailey (vocals) Ed Kuepper (guitar) are performing for a one off reunion July 14th 2007 at Brisbane for the Pig City Queensland Music festival.

You can listen to The Saints in many podcasts on Meltingpod with :
The Saints’ current line-up – Chris Bailey (vocals, guitar), Peter Wilkinson (drums) and Caspar Wijnberg (bass) :
07/12/05 Noisy Holidays in Hell with the Saints (THE live interview/show)
04/09/05 Eating Earth and drinking Fire (my very first live interview for Meltingpod with Chris Bailey at The Saints’ show at Marseille : 5 minutes !!)
04/07/05 Burning Bush Tour (The Saints’ live pics at Marseille)
Lars Wallin musician, Saints’ fan and Meltingpod’s faithful listener :
09/19/06 Chris Bailey in Sweden with Lars Wallin (videos from Lars)
11/21/05 The Aborigines love punk and roll (+ Saints’ songs)
Different subjects illustrated with the Saints’ or Chris Bailey’songs :
01/26/06 Oscar Wilde and me (recorded on Oscar Wilde’s grave at Paris)
08/25/05 Oscar Wilde, Agape and the indecente theology
07/18/05 The Saints from Tokyo to Nashville (festival + Saints’ live songs)

Meltingpod Connections :
Update May 30th : THE SAINTS’ BIO IN FRENCH !! by Eric Tessier – Radio Libertaire – Nef des Fous Editeur : the text is well written, funny and passionated ! Bravo Eric !!
Update May 31 th : OK, here a link to some Saints’ lyrics !!!… »you look so good that I could eat you but I wouldn’t kiss a steak so I won’t eat you »…so another version from Hannibal Lecter’s dreams…:)

#59 The Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Perth managed by Buzz Bidstrup, the Angels’ drummer ! (podcast long version)


To listen to the interview with Buzz Bidstrup (long version : 35 mn)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Bon Scott joking, smiling, having fun with the music (pics from videos)

AC/DC‘s singer Bon Scott and Buzz Bidtrup The Angels ‘drummer met each other many times between 1971 and 1979 at Adelaïde, London, Sydney.
Their both bands were signed by Albert Productions and they used to share the same recording studio for many years. During an interview for Meltingpod, Buzz told us his memories from AC/DC and Bon, a musician he « adores ». Six months ago people from Fremantle, a town near Perth Western Australia, where Bon Scott spent a big part of his youth from 9 until 21, where a part of his family is still living and where he is buried now after a tragic death in 1980 February 19 th at London, asked Buzz to help them to honour Bon Scott, raising the money to erect the first statue ever built for a rocker in Australia.
Buzz is organizing for that goal, February 25th, The Bon Scott Celebration Concert with a lot of famous rock bands who are coming from all around Australia like Rose Tattoo, the Angels, the Party Boys including AC/DC’s ex-members : the singer Dave Evans and the bassist Mark Evans, a girls band : The Sure-Fire Midnights, a kids band : the Flairz, old friends or young bands inspiring by Bon and AC/DC…Buzz gives us all details of that event which is planned in fact during three days from the 23th to the 25th.
BTW : The extra money will be given to a foundation to help young rock bands with health or financial issues.
The musical extracts to illustrate Buzz’s talk about Bon and AC/DC come from some Live videos I found on Youtube under the tags : Bon Scott + the title of the songs (Walk all over you, Riff Raff, TNT, Whole Lotta Rosie, Live Wire, Jailbreak, Problem Child) Bon Scott + Fraternity (Seasons of change).

Meltingpod Connections : Update 02/15
If you want to watch how Bon Scott and AC/DC were loved in France, look at this great video sent by some of AC/DC ‘s fantastic fans who don’t stop to share every days their passion on Youtube; Bon was not « Shot down in flames » after singing that very funny song live in Paris, it was a French triumph we can already share in his eyes without the sound : Woaow !


There is too a cool interview with Angus Young telling how he started in the band with his brother and how he met Bon Scott the first time; Angus speaks with the hands and the arms like a true Italian…interesting !
More infos with the fans here : in French AC/DC Back in Black with good stories and all the lyrics, in English Bon Scott Club and Crabsody in Blue.
For the fun a special version of « Walk all over you Live in Paris » and then with my friends from American Heartbreak during their last show in Europe 2002 « Sin City Live in Belgium »! One video more ?…I can’t stop, I’m a Bon Scott-AC/DC’s hard fan now…Jailbreak in 74 !!

7/07/06 Rock again soon !

Hey I’m back again from this big rock festival, the Eurockeennes at Belfort-France with a lot of stuff (around 10 hours interviews and concerts); I did a second phone interview with Frank Meyer (Los Angeles) and I spoke a lot with Buzz Bidstrup (Australia)…I will try to give you the best of that soon…stay connected…for waiting some pictures…:) More on MELTINGTALKS !

My baby wants to eat your pussy, Les Georges Leningrad, Depeche Mode.

27/05/06 Meltingpunkspirits !

The Gossip from the USA, Nonstop aka Fredo Roman from France, the Saints from everywhere…Meltingpunkspirits are on Meltingpod today : enjoy their music without moderation. The first both bands are playing in the festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort– June 30th, don’t miss them ! their interviews will be soon edited on the Eurockeeennes podcast and on Meltingtalks : stay connected, they are really interesting people to meet !

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file

The Gossip, Nonstop (pic Vinciane) and the Eurocks (pics from their sites)

Meltingpod Connections : thanks to Loïc Le Meur for his review !

26/05/06 Meltingpod podcasts the Eurockeennes !

Meltingpod was invited by the French festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort-team (one of the biggest European rock festival) to podcast some bands who are playing this summer between June 30th and July 2th : I got a list with different artists probably free to answer my questions. You can imagine that I accepted with pleasure that challenge : calling musicians having musical styles ranging from rap-hip-hop to rock-electro-rock-metal via French chansons…that was something made for Meltingpod !!
The interviews will be most of the time in French that’s why I chose to edit them on my other website : MELTINGTALKS ; but I will give you here the interviews in English, news or videos. Stay connected !
You could already find on Meltingtalks two podcasts : the first one with Katerine a French musician who sings funny and provocative songs and the second one with a band from the suburbs of Paris called La Caution who surfs the wave rap-hip-hop-electro and give us good lyrics, sincere without compromise.

Katerine, the Eurockeennes logo, La Caution (pics from their own sites)

7/05/06 Walpurgis night (Berlin part 2)

I invite you to Walpurgis night (April 30th) in Berlin-Friedrishain (ex-East Berlin) with A.C.K. a punk band from Frankfurt am Main who is singing lyrics in German very involved in politics specially against racism and fascism. The whole night the ambience was electric hesitating between a ritual civil urban war like for every 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg or only a provocation to the police for fun…I let you dive in the sound and hear the story in both languages English and German. Thanks to Ralf, Markus and Gisbert, my partners in this adventure.

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file

The concert with A.C.K. with the police’s presence everywhere; from 10:pm the police « began cleaning the place » but it was possible to escape in a bar and look at their operations throught the window : surrealistic for me !

Meltingpod Connections :
May 15 th : A very enthusiastic report about Meltingod and Meltingtalks by le Podauditeur a website and podcast about the French independant podcasting : Thanks Mr Vertigo !
May 11 th : Two new podcasts in French about the law DADVSI at the Senat with a Senator’s interview : Enjoy the French politic on MELTINGTALKS !