24/12/05 Christmas’ miracle ?

Une autre exception culturelle française ? La France : 1er pays au monde à légaliser le « Peer to Peer » ? Téléchargement illimité de fichiers musicaux à usage non commercial en échange d’une redevance de 7 euros par mois ?
Miracle de Noël ?
Incroyable coup de théâtre à l’Asssemblée Nationale en France qui devait voter le 23 décembre devant un hémicycle quasiment vide le projet d’une des lois les plus répressives à propos des échanges et de téléchargements gratuits de fichiers musicaux sur internet (DADVSI) et la mise en place d’un système de contrôle et d’espionnage (DRM) pour suivre l’utilisation de ces fichiers chez les particuliers.

Another French cultural exception ? France : first country in the world to legalize the P2P ? Illimited music downloading to the non profit user for 7 euros a month… ? Christmas miracle ?
Incredible night in the French National Assembly (almost empty) who had to vote December 23th one of the most repressive law about the musical files’ exchanges and free downloading on the internet (DADVSI) with the Digital Right Management’s setup … Continuer la lecture de 24/12/05 Christmas’ miracle ?

21/12/05 Marseilles rocks for Christmas !

Only rock bands from Marseille for Christmas with : INRI (musicians from Leda Atomica), Marquis Moon, Cowboys from outer space, Bea Paradis with Sub Rosa and Bebe Clandestine, Les Balayeurs du desert, and a guest from Montreal : Balthazar featuring Hakim Hammadouche at the mandoluth.
I hope you will like this second special gift for you : Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël !!


Michel (Cowboys from outer space) Chalmi (Balayeurs du désert) Sophie and Pascal (Marquis Moon) Béa (Sub Rosa).

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15/12/05 French punk rock for Christmas !

YEAH !!!!Marseilles ROCKS ! In this show you will stay 20 minutes long with French punk rock bands from Marseille without break !! Gasolheads, The Hatepinks, Neurotic Swingers, Take Shit Back and a guest from Toulouse : Jerry Spider Gang. Here are the bands-songs-albums’ references :
Gasolheads : Bad Situation and Nobody knows in Lying shooter position
The Hatepinks : Living on Plastic – I’m a gimmick in Sehr Gut Rock n’ Roll
Take shit back : Out of straight edge in Too late for apologize
Neurotic Swingers : Burn the floor in What’s your definition of underground
Jerry Spider Gang : Down in Hell and Private affair (Saints’song) in Exile on mainstream.
It’s the first part of my Christmas’gift for you, my faithful or new listeners.
In a few days, the part 2 will bring you others surprises…


In the order of appearance : Neurotic Swingers, the Hatepinks, Jerry Spider gang, Stephane (NS and Lollipop records), Guillaume (Take shit back) Gasolheads and the crowd of girls…!! I took these pics, a performance too !

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Meltingpod Connections : MELTINGTALKS my second podcast is born December 1st 2005, 9 months after Meltingpod, with only conversations, interviews around the world. A first show is on line with a nice woman, Hanife from Turkey ! Come on !
Thanks to Cyrille who already announced Meltingtalks’ birth to the world on his blog and podcast Interflou !

5/12/05 Marseilles : The Angels’ song !

John Brewster, The Angels band‘ guitarist, singer and songwriter of the famous song « Marseilles » is my guest today with Buzz Bidstrup , the drummer, a Meltingpod regular visitor ! The Angels band were in tour in Australia and I called them on Buzz’s cell phone during their interesting activities before playing a show : driving too fast because being late, doing the soundcheck, quickly eating and before springing on stage…answering to Meltingpod and promising to sing Marseilles for Annie !
The first song in the show « Dreambuilder » comes from the first album « The Angels » (released in 1977 by Albert) with Doc Neeson at the vocals.
The new version of Marseilles (released the first time in the album « Face to Face » in 1978) comes from the Angels band’s last live album recorded at the Basement in Sydney in November 2004 (released in 2005).


The Brewster brothers : Rick and John in 81 in Paris (pic : theangels.free.fr).
The Angels live in 2005 (pic : Michael.Hughes).

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Meltingpod Connections:
Thanks to Loic Le Meur from the French radio station Europe 2 who chose to promote Meltingpod so friendly. You will find in his website a long version (9mn) of his interview with me.
Thanks to my friend Michael Butler who is playing for me a cool rock song called « Annie » from Copperpot on his last podcast in « the rock and roll geek indie cast and who introduced me to the song « Marseilles »!!
EUCD.info always is fighting against the vote of the DADVSI (examination at the National Assembly December 20 and 21th) : help their action ! help yourself ! this law is totally crazy for everybody ! Luc launched a forum on his website about this subject called the eStalinisme !