28/02/06 Riding with the cowboys on motorcycles

The Cowboys from Outerspace will take you away until the end of this crazy night at the Balthazar in Marseille; they played their new fifth album « Sleeping with ghosts » (a nice programme) ; on their way you will heard The Mystik Motorcycles who tested their new third album (not still released, a premiere for Meltingpod) at the Poste à galène ; I did two interviews with the both bands…a lot of fun !

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The Cowboys from Outerspace and the Mystik Motorcycles

Meltingpod Connections : DKpod chose Meltingpod for their homepage in the French podcasts’ selection.

26/02/06 Rocking with the independants

In the part 2 I ran to the machine à coudre to record LO a band from Marseille I already heard last year with pleasure opening for…the Saints !
I did an interesting interview backstage after the concert with Tom, Lo’s singer, then exchanged some words with Nicolas, Ask the Dust‘s singer, a band from Paris who opened the show. Thanks to the both bands who gave me their albums to play on Meltingpod… »Black Kites » from Lo and « Anestesia » from Ask the Dust.

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        LO at the machine à coudre

25/02/06 Walking with the little green fairy…

Come and walk with me and the Little Green Fairy throught Marseille by night : a podcast in several short episodes like my live recording of different French rock bands in the same night in two different clubs of Marseille : the Balthazar and the Machine à Coudre.
In the part 1 we begin in the Balthazar with Little Green Fairy a band from Sete, near Montpellier (South of France) who opened for the Saints, love the Angels and already knew Meltingpod by Dig It from Toulouse…nice ! You could find some songs I recorded live in their new album « Burn witch burn ».

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        Little Green Fairy at the Balthazar

19/02/06 Blue Movie…

One of Andy Warhol’s most strangest films is called « Blue Movie »…my friend Hamster Atomique loves the Angels, the blue and the Dandy Warhols (who love Andy Warhol), ; I love the Angels, the blue and Andy Warhol; the Dandys are not too bad ! Hamster just sent me his new myspace’s website’s last production : niiiiice ! By the way myspace-meltingpod is full of rock bands « friends » now : check it !


Meltingpod Connections : Thanks to Saskia and her French podcasting community website Podcast premiere who gave Meltingpod and me a nice place under her Spotlight !

15/02/06 Wild girls, sexy rockers and crazy pussy

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Wild, wild and crazy were the girls last night in Marseille for Valentine’s Day…the sexy punk rockers from Los Angeles, the Lords of Altamont were pleasantly surprised I guess with the girls from Marseille : one sent them empty glass, beer’s jet in the face and provocative calls to fuck her pussy, another one jumped on stage to lick the singer’s legs until to put her tongue in his mouth…but frustration for everybody : the poor guys had to drive directly after the show to Rome-Italy, hard reality of the rock and roll life in tour !! The Mystik Motorcycles opened the show with their new songs and I did a funny interview with them after their soundcheck (I will post it soon). In this hot ambience I stayed connected with my work for Meltingpod : taking pictures, recording the music live (thanks to the bands), avoiding to be crushed against the stage !

Both first pics with the Mystik Motorcycles, then the Lords of Altamont excited by the girls…Last both pics Flo The Groupie with a sexy boy and Fred from Marseille in the toilets showing me his N.D de la Garde !

3/02/06 Melting-Australia !

Last week I met in Cannes Shane Chisholm from Melbourne-Australia one of my first Meltingpod listener : he supported me for a year, commented almost every shows…we never saw each other before…I met him virtually in Automn 2004 on the Rock and Roll geek Show’s message board: we supported both at that time this podcast very seriously ! Now Shane is the co-producer of Michael Butler’s podcast. At Nice airport, Shane tried to take the control of MY show and did an interview of me…!! We spoke about Rock and roll, Australian bands, memory about kangoroo, the music industry and the future of podcasting in the world…I play the Angels with « No Exit, Can’t shake it and Marseilles » recorded live in Melbourne in April 1980…a rarity I got for Christmas from my Angels French Connection !
PS : Shane is sending me the podcast title right now from Oslo-Norway !

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      Rick, Buzz and Doc from the Angels (pics Angels French Connection)

Meltingpod Connection : I’m very proud to see one of the nicest photo I took last summer live on stage at Oulala festival chosen as profile to their myspace website by…Nashville Pussy !! yeah !