#55 Winston McAnuff the meltingman with Java LIVE in Marseille !

Winston McAnuff invited me to his last concert in Marseille at « le Moulin« , promoting a new album Paris Rockin’ with JAVA, a band from Paris.
In this podcast I propose to you an extract of the interview I did with him last July at the Eurockeennes festival the first time we met at breakfast in an hotel at Belfort, an interview I did just before the show backstage in Marseille, an interview after the show and a lot of nice songs recorded live that hot night with a frenzied crowd; the last song « Wandering drummer messenger » is a studio version from Paris Rockin’ : thanks to Makasound!

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the other side of the picture : Winston ironing his clothes in the tour-bus before the show as a sign of respect for his audience, Annie recording the concert in front of the stage (pic from Pirlouiiiit) and shooting Pirlouiiiit who was shooting Winston !! No break !

Meltingpod Connections : MELTINGTALKS my other podcast with interviews about society and politics, women, music…was ONE YEAR OLD December 1st ! a interesting podcast in a gay club from Marseille to launch the second year…:) and Happy Birthday to everybody being Sagittarius !

20/11/06 Winston McAnuff : a Jamaïcan who rocks Paris and Marseille !

Winston McAnuff : A Jamaïcan musician who didn’t stop to the reggae limits but constantly explores the music under all aspects : jazz, rock, hip hop, transe…and he cooks a very good mixture for us, like the precious magical drink he shared with me in his cosy tour-bus last Saturday night before jumping on stage : NONI + honey and you will stay healthy ! Actually I met « by coïncidence » this strange man at breakfast time in Belfort last July during the rock festival the Eurockéennes; we slept in the same hotel and I improvised a short interview with him without knowing which kind of music he played the night before (I missed his show).
Four months later (Nov 18th) he called me on the phone to invite me to his concert in Marseille at « le Moulin », promoting a new album with JAVA, a band from Paris : Paris Rockin’ ! I had the feeling to meet a very old friend ! Here are some pictures, the podcast is coming soon with interview and live recording on stage and backstages : Special thanks to le Moulin crew, Winston’s manager (2temps3mouvements) and label (Makasound) who gave me the possibilities with kindness (and a pass all access) to work as I wanted…!! Obviously thanks to Winston to be the man he is !!

Pepouse (Java) at the bass; Winston alone, at the acoustic guitar with Fixi (Java) at the accordion, in front of the hot audience from Marseille !

Meltingpod Connection :
Winston just sent me this video from Marseille (clic on the pics) with my favorite song « Wretched State »; in front of the stage my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveinMarseille (right side) and me (left side) shooting the show !

#54 Noisy Music Elegant Talk : what’s better !

Rock bands from Marseille and some surprises with the Saints and the Angels : a great Meltingpod today…so we start with :
Gasolheads : Bad situation-Lying shooter position (the band is dead but gave the birth to the Hatepinks and Neurotic Swingers).
Neurotic Swingers : Burn to Floor-What’s your definition of underground ?
Les Balayeurs du désert : Hello Ola-Jules Verne Impact (music played during the Royal de Luxe‘ show : La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps).
The Saints’ drummer Peter Wilkinson stole my mic and interviewed me !
The Saints : Never Enough-Imperious Delirium (new French tour right now)
Les Balayeurs again with Morale : a great Meltingpod song !
After Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos) and Frank Meyer (the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs), Buzz Bisdtrup (the Angels) answers to the WOMAN SHOW !!! Who will be the next one on the grill : maybe a French podcaster ?
Gasolheads again with Nobody knows…a good song for the end !

Update November 12th : WONDERFUL links to ROYAL DE LUXE LAST SHOW HERE and HERE + many SAINTS LIVE SHOWS from 77 to 2005 : Enjoy Nights in Venice Live At Paddington Townhall in 77 : a GREAT MOMENT…strangely I have the feeling it’s this rough version I loved and played in my podcast with Lars in Nov.05…and the Saints will finish their actual tour in Venice…

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Great and cool drummers : Buzz from the Angels and Peter from The Saints

  Gasolheads and Neurotic Swingers at La machine in Marseille (05/05).

Update November 6th : Speaking about drummers the Rodriguez from Austria on stage at la Machine a coudre last Saturday night : no live podcast I only danced without moderation ! rock is primal and sensual…:)

    The boys sweating on stage and the girls having fun…Relax and Co !

3/11/06 Melting Roma !

I was during a few days in Italy to join a new association BBJ SHARE.IT founded by friends from Germany and Italy who want to work on projects around the world with the same desires than me with Meltingworlds :
a nice connection ! More info (pics and podcast) on Meltingtalks.
On the way to the meeting at Castel Ritaldi (near Perugia) I spent two days in Roma, specially in the old city…to be honest my favorite place to sit down was under the Pantheon‘s portico by night…under the three ranks of huge granite Corinthian columns, I felt me at home looking at the life around me : children playing and laughing loud, silencious lovers, lights coming from the piazza where people were eating, drinking or talking…