20/11/06 Winston McAnuff : a Jamaïcan who rocks Paris and Marseille !

Winston McAnuff : A Jamaïcan musician who didn’t stop to the reggae limits but constantly explores the music under all aspects : jazz, rock, hip hop, transe…and he cooks a very good mixture for us, like the precious magical drink he shared with me in his cosy tour-bus last Saturday night before jumping on stage : NONI + honey and you will stay healthy ! Actually I met « by coïncidence » this strange man at breakfast time in Belfort last July during the rock festival the Eurockéennes; we slept in the same hotel and I improvised a short interview with him without knowing which kind of music he played the night before (I missed his show).
Four months later (Nov 18th) he called me on the phone to invite me to his concert in Marseille at « le Moulin », promoting a new album with JAVA, a band from Paris : Paris Rockin’ ! I had the feeling to meet a very old friend ! Here are some pictures, the podcast is coming soon with interview and live recording on stage and backstages : Special thanks to le Moulin crew, Winston’s manager (2temps3mouvements) and label (Makasound) who gave me the possibilities with kindness (and a pass all access) to work as I wanted…!! Obviously thanks to Winston to be the man he is !!

Pepouse (Java) at the bass; Winston alone, at the acoustic guitar with Fixi (Java) at the accordion, in front of the hot audience from Marseille !

Meltingpod Connection :
Winston just sent me this video from Marseille (clic on the pics) with my favorite song « Wretched State »; in front of the stage my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveinMarseille (right side) and me (left side) shooting the show !

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