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Kid Congo (ex The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) with The Pink Monkey Birds in European tour 2011 : Live videos of the show in Marseille at the Embobineuse

Kid Congo Powers an American/Mexican artist who co-founded the Gun Club in 1979 in Los Angeles with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, played with the Cramps and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds…came to Marseille last week April 4th 2011 during his current European tour and performed at the Embobineuse with his band The Pink Monkey Birds for our greatest pleasure (Big Thank to The Depanneur who booked the show and Good Luck for the future !)

Kid Congo Powers (lead vocals and guitar)

I made a short video clip for you with some Live excerpts I filmed during the show with my small compact camera; you will maybe recognize there the signature of the great artists on stage : smiles and simplicity, the fun to play and to share the music in a warm-hearted ambience !! With Kiki Solis at the bass guitar, Ron Miller on the drums, Jesse Roberts at the guitar and keyboards.

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds played a lot of songs from their repertoire including some songs from their new album « Gorilla Rose » but also this famous old song « Sex Beat » from The Gun Club. Here a video for the people who like it a lot , like me…:)

Thank to Rudy for the sound, thank to Adam and Dimitri for the lights !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Happy to find out Kid Congo Powers’ own channel on youtube : and to see my videoclip was added among his last favorites !!! Thank you El Kid Congo !!

Happy New Year 2011 !! New tours, new albums for the next weeks or months in the world !!

Happy New Year 2011 to everybody with always more live music, energy and happiness in your life !

Speaking about live music a lot of tours and new albums are announced by bands or musicians who are among the favorites on Meltingpod :
– in January Chris Bailey from The Saints will share the bill in Australia with the American folk singer Judy Collins from 12th to 25th (Sydney, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Caloundra, Warragui, Richmond, Hobart, Invernay, Castelmaine) as well as Nick Cave with his band Grinderman from January 17th to February 6th in Australia and New Zealand, mostly for the Big Day Out !
– in March from 18th to 26th Ed Kuepper will tour Melbourne 18/19th, Adelaïde 20th, Newcastle 24th, Sydney 25th and Kincumber 26th in duo with Mark Dawson his old mate and drummer in The Aints and they will re-visit Ed’s both albums Electrical Storm (1985) and Today Wonder (1990) in their entirety; btw : Ed released a lot of new bootlegs under his own label Prince Melon Records, most of them already are sold out but among the new ones you can still order the volumes N°14 and 15 from his website (cover painting Judi Dransfield Kuepper).

– the first half of this year Mick Harvey will tour the world with PJ Harvey to promote her new album he co-produced : « Let England Shake » released February 14th !! Already 12 shows are scheduled in Europe from February 18th to 28th in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Londres, May 25/26th in Lisbon, 30/31th in Amsterdam !! During the same period Chris Bailey should tour with Peter Wilkinson (The Saints) and the French musicians Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinet from H-Burns to promote the album they recorded together last year under the General Dog’s name !
– closer, in Marseille Conger! Conger! will perform at Le Local January 22th and release their new album at the end of this month or at the beginning of February,
– to end that first list BugGIRL with Amber and Clinno will maybe close their incredibly long world tour with performing again in the USA from January to February !!
PS : The New Christs who are on the photo above could come back again to Europe this year as Rob hoped it…:)
Anyway if you like it, stay connected for the next updates and podcasts !
And as you are nice a second wishes card with the French band LO : ambience in the Meltingpod style !!

Meltingpod Connections : Update Last Minute January 6th !
Ed Kuepper will open the show for Grinderman in Brisbane at Tivoli January 24th and in Sydney at Enmore Theater January 28th : a solo performance !! hurry up my Australian friends !!

Podcast 98 Live interview with Texas Terri at Tiki Heart in 2009 : A punk rock and roll trip from Los Angeles to Berlin

I met Texas Terri in Berlin last February and we recorded the interview we missed in Marseille last year in November when she played at la machine à coudre during her European tour 2008 with her band Texas Terri Bomb : Texas Terri (vocals), Beano Skint (bass), Olivier « the Inspector » (guitar), Marina Maniac (drums).

Texas with her band in Marseille; Texas and Coco at Tiki Heart Berlin

This time we had the great pleasure to talk quietly at Tiki Heart a nice bar beside Wild at Heart (my favorite berliner punk rock club) about her long musical carrier who started in Austin (Texas) then in Los Angeles during many years before she decided to live in Berlin. Her talk is like she is : honest, direct, sincere, funny, touching, volcanic without compromise !!

Texas and Marina; Texas « the female Mick Jagger » in action !

I played some songs’ excerpts from her album « Your lips…my ass » : Never Shut Up, Strike, Dirty Action, The Rocker, One Hit Wonder, Oh Yeah! where a lot of famous American musicians participated to the recording : Wayne Kramer (MC5) Sonny Vincent, Marc Diamond (Motochrist), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) Cherrie Currie (Runaways) just to mention some of them + an Iggy Popp’s cover I recorded Live in Marseille : I wanna be your dog !

Texas and Beano; Texas and Marina : chicks who rock !!

Meltingpod Connection :
Not better news from Mick Cocks than to see him Live on stage with Angry Anderson and Rose Tattoo in Sydney July 24th 2009 !!!

review about the show HERE. My best thoughts to you Mick !

#93 Meltingpod 4th anniversary : Special USA podcast and Viva Obama (Yes we can !!!)

Four years ago I published my first podcast on Meltingpod !! A incredible adventure which started in 2004 from the USA with Adam Curry (the podfather) and Dave Winner and for me with my friend Michael Butler from San Francisco who hosts the Rock and Roll Geek Show…So I chose to play a lot of songs from American bands for that fourth anniversary !

Frank Meyer (the Street Walkin’s Cheetahs – L.A.)

I started with a song called « Annie » by Copperpot (New Jersey) Michael found and dedicated me on his own show, then :
The Hangmen (L.A.) : Here she comes
Kick Kick (Kansas) : Heart over the bar
Frank Meyer and Thor (L.A.) : Standing On The Edge Of Hell
Small Doses (Washington DC) : B-Train
Michael Butler & American Heartbreak (S. Francisco) : Things are looking up
Texas Terri Bomb (L.A.) : Dream Wrecker
I hope you will enjoy that rock and roll from Obama’s country !!…
and a kind of my first birthday’s song coming from Australia…:)

 A little memory from March 8th 2005 !!

#86 : New and old punk bands around the world : UK, France, USA and Australia…Last news : The Saints and Laughing Clowns re-form with the Original members for the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival 2009!! Nick Cave will be there too !!

This time I got a true live audience with Gary from Dublin (Ireland), David from Galicie (Spain) and David from Torino (Italy) and I interviewed them during the time I played the songs chosen for that podcast : 16’s Legal from 3 Foot Ninja (UK), « Ode à Sarko » from Miseres et Cordes (France), « Blood for Oil » from Mutant Press (USA), « Where did I go wrong » (+ « I love Rock and Roll » in intro) from the band « X » founded by Ian Rilen, « Skinny Jean » from Ed Kuepper and « Wild about you and Erotic Neurotic » from the Original Saints (all those bands from Australia if you didn’t know it before)…Gary (18 years old) and the both David (24 years old) were very serious to give their point of view, they played themselves in bands : punk, lo-fi garage, new metal…a true shared pleasure with them, i hope for you too !

Jordan (16 years old) from 3 Foot Ninja (UK) Gary (18) from Dublin (Ireland)

Mutant Press (USA), the band « X » (Australia) in 2003 with Steve Lucas, Cath Synnerdahl, Ian Rilen and Geof Holmes (a meeting of the original line-up who recorded the « I love Rock’n Roll » album)

BTW : Gary and the both David owned a group of 20 young people between 16 and 24 who were during a week at Marseille in September for a transnational training session where I taught them how to record an interview and put it on a blog (on Meltingtalks soon with the best moments!!).

David from Italy (his band : your personal Santa Claus), Gary from Ireland and his percing-tunnel (his band : « As it bleeds »!!) David from Spain (his band : SNC « Sistema Nervioso Centra »), Gary and me at the final party !

Big and unexpected news at the end : Ed Kuepper announced to me Yesterday they re-formed the Original Saints with Chris Bailey and Ivor Hay for three shows at All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in January 2009…in Australia !!! For the same event he will re-form as well Laughing Clowns with Jeffrey Weggener, Louise Elliott and Leslie Millar…more ? Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will be there too !!!!!!!!

8/11/07 Postcards from friends around the world : Punk attitude at New York, London, Marseille, Berlin and…Australia…and Chicago !!!

Punk atttitude on stage : Olivier from the Hatepinks and Ingi from the Gee Strings at Marseille last week (my pic from Olivier is old, I still haven’t a new digital camera but my friend Luccio the Frog had one and took for me this one from Ingi !) Billy Hopeless from the Black Halos at Nice in 2006. Speaking about that band my friend Adam Becvare (Black Halos’ guitarist) played last week at London with the Lords of the New Church again. He sent me a link to a podcast (Yes I know I missed something !!) from THE LORDS LIVE FOR HALLOWEEN HERE !! Thanks Adam for that and (added Nov 9th) for the fine report from « the inside the show » straight ahead from Chicago !! Read it at the end of the review « Meltingpod Connections »!!!

Punk attitude in their mind : The Saints at New York City during their last US tour in November : Chris Bailey and Peter Wilkinson (Caspar Wijnberg in the background) on the pics from Dolly Llama and Marco; thanks you !!
Erratum Nov. 9th from Dolly : « it was in fact the New Jersey show ». oups !

Punk history : Buzzcocks Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle around my friend Luccio the Frog after a show in France 2006.

This picture I found in Luccio’s pics’ album remembers me one of my funniest podcaster’s memory !!! So here is a kind of punk story : Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle were my anonymous neighbours in a plane during three hours flying to Berlin in May 2006 …I just asked him politely where they were coming from when I sat down near Steve, crushed in a full up Boeing; he answered very shortly : « London ! » Pete friendly added : « and you ? ah ! Marseille, nice city ! » That was all for one hour…I was tired and almost asleep on Steve’s shoulder until I saw his tattoo on his arm : « Hey the Saint on your tattoo ! I did an interview with them »; Steve : « which one ? Roger Moore ? » Me : « Euh ! No ! Chris Bailey ! » Steve : « ah ! the Saintsssss, I’m Stranded ! hey Pete she interviewed Chris Bailey from the Saints ! » Pete : « ah ! yes ! I’m Stranded ! » and nothing more for one hour, we were the three almost asleep until we were flying above Berlin. Suddently I heard the air hostess asking them what they were doing at Berlin; answer : « we’re a rock band and we are touring Europe ! ». I thought a rock band touring in a plane ? strange, but I plugged my microphone with a podcaster’s instinct; they asked me : « oh ! an interview ? » Me : « No, just say your name, the name of your band and you are listening to Meltingpod  » the rest in on MY BERLINER PUNK PODCAST…ahaha ! At the airport Steve took a photo from me and someone in the band told me : « hey, Annie, you will become famous with that picture » ! I said goodbye with laughing. Nice story ?…:)

Punk video from Australia : My friend Robert James from GANGgajang with his other band JJ’s Way : Give the people what they want !! Everything…NOW !

Meltingpod Connections : Update November 15th
Have a look on my last pics and a listen to this very funny PODCAST INTERVIEW with JEAN-LOUIS COSTES an incredible French rocker who performs trash theater shows. I met him at Marseille last week just after he finished to play his last 50 minutes show « Little birds shit » and he made directly after that a second 40 minutes show just for MELTINGTALKS !!!
Update November 11th : Saints anedoctes during their New Jersey show sent by Dolly Llama in the comments section…happy Birthday Peter !!…:)
Update Nov. 9th : Fresh report about the Lords of the New Church show at London October 31th by Adam Becvare back to Chicago : Enjoy ! (more about Adam with an interview in April 2006 HERE on MELTINGPOD)
Hi Annie, Here’s my Lords report for you 😉
2 rehearsals and a fistful of Chaos!!
Insert Guinness and add Bordeaux HERE. This is what it is like to be a Lord again and it fits me just like a warm glove.
Much has changed in the New Church since June 2003 and I’ve never seen Brian James happier… Continuer la lecture de 8/11/07 Postcards from friends around the world : Punk attitude at New York, London, Marseille, Berlin and…Australia…and Chicago !!!

#56 World Premieres for Christmas !

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast (mp3 : 30 mn)
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Frank Meyer (ph : Todd Westover) and Michael Butler on stage (ph : me); Balthazar (ph : their website) and Bryan Small the Hangman (pic from me !).

Angus Kahn and Balthazar offered me/us their demos to listen to in World Premiere on Meltingpod for Christmas !! they are recording them in studio right now !
I opened that special show with « Downtown » a song from one of my favorite rock band based in L.A : the Hangmen, to introduce an interview I will plan very soon with Bryan Small the singer and guitarist I met in Marseille a few years ago like the others American musicians present in this show : Frank Meyer is forming a new band « Angus Kahn » with some musicians from different bands based in L.A. too, the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Sweet Justice and the B.Movies Rats,
My friend Michael Butler, the Rock and Roll Geek, bassist in American Heartbreak, based in San Francisco, sent me since 2001 very often some of his songs in working from the very first note because I love that !!!
Marquis Moon is a band from Marseille from the 90’s who unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore but Pascal Ferrari one of the musician gave me a lot of demos never released to play on my podcast too.
At least Balthazar a band from Montréal used to live at home in Marseille during many months and gave me often their work in evolution.
I hope you will appreciate this special musical gift : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Eve Party to you all !

Meltingpod Connections :
I invited you to check my other website MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD : our little rock community find a place to write there too !
If you understand French you could listen to my new podcast on MELTINGTALKS, where I did interviews with women in Marseille about the mothers and housewives’ dreams…in France in 2006 ! Nobody can stay indifferent to their talk.

#52 : « Gainsville »a rock album tattooed under the skin ! (Frank Meyer interview part 2)

Frank Meyer tells us the story of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last studio album « Gainsville » : in three acts, song after song, step by step, we follow the album’s birth sticked to the fall of one of their musician… in the madness…a heavy story but a great album like always, maybe the best one ! After the album’s release the band broke up…for a few years. I let Frank free to speak as he wanted almost without asking questions : I hope you will appreciate his sincerity in this long and friendly conversation between Los Angeles and Marseille about the Cheetahs and the strange way of our lives.

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Frank on stage with the Cheetahs

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to my friend Pascal who turned me on Youtube tonight to watch the Saints : a video came under my eyes like a publicity…a strange coincidence : a fantastic (podcast) interview with Doc Neeson from the Angels in 1980 ! a few minutes later I found myself this ONE in 1976 and this ONE in 1978 !

#51 : I want you !! (Frank Meyer interview part 1)

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Frank on stage with the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in 2005 (ph : Todd Westover at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood) and in June 2006 at Las Vegas.

Frank Meyer, singer, guitarist and leader from two rock bands : the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (I saw in Marseille in 2002) and Sweet Justice based in Los Angeles is also music producer with Messiaz, rock journalist, co-writer of « On the road with The Ramones« , film-maker, Video Game Theater‘s creator, one of the coolest rocker of this planet and… my guest today !!! During his work at the TV channel G4 he did a lot of very funny interviews with porn Stars promoting the Man Show which inspired my own show : at least I can ask him personally THE Question !!! Enjoy this first episode : THE WOMAN SHOW N°1 ! (the N°0 as test was recorded with Billy Hopeless last January).
I play two songs of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last album Gainsville : « When God and the Devil agree » and « December in a day ». At the end of the show I play a Troggs’s cover song recorded in one shot by the Cheetahs in 1995 featuring Wayne Kramer (a great performance !!) : « I want you !! »
In the part 2 you will have the whole Gainsville album ‘s lyrics’ story, song after song… a hard and nice human story in the band during their US tour.
For the new listeners you can listen to the first poscast with Frank in October 2005 « Right to rock » and watch his great video on my first Meltingvideopod.

26/08/06 Perth-Marseille Connection !

Wouahouh!!!! Thanks to John from Perth-Australia, singer and bass guitarist in Open Wound who sent me this morning this fabulous link to the Saints‘ video with Chris Bailey singing « I’m Stranded » at his debut in 1976….as wrote the poster on youtube : « This video cuts short by about 5 seconds at the end but I’m sure any Saints fan will be more than happy with the video anyways ». Hey, the Meltingpod-Saints’ fans : COME ON!!!
I watched during my last holidays a 4 hours film with a lot of interviews from the earliest most famous punk rock bands around the planet « Punk atttitude » by Don Letts with the Sex Pixtols, The Clash, Buzzcocks…a DVD offered by my friend Markus after my Buzzcocks’meeting in the plane flying to Berlin !!…a total pleasure but without mentioning the Saints it was for me a shock and a big deception. The Saints are soooo goood ! Right ?

    The Saints in France in July 2005 at the festival Oulala

Episode N°50 !! Podcasting, sex and sun !

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Michael in Rotterdam (videopic) and Lola Spinner‘s album : Shadow

7:am in San Francisco with Michael Butler (podcaster with the Rock and Roll Geek Show and bass guitarist with American Heartbreak) 10:am in Philadelphia-USA with Donna 4:pm in Marseille-France and just around midnight in Melbourne-Australia with Shane ! I invite you for this N°50 ( in fact if I add my Meltingtalks’shows I did 85 PODCASTS !!) to share our Skype conversation about Podcasting from the debut in September 2004 until now, the music we are playing in our podcasts (Mike started the first musical podcast in the world and works for Adam Curry and Podsafe Music Network now, I only am the first woman who started a podcast in France and the female companion to the RnRGS…:)…quickly the conversation became not podsafe : NOT allowed for all ages…:) but the music is 100% Podsafe with The Joykiller‘s song : Ready to Play (can be found on PMN; album : Ready Sexed Go), American Heartbreak’s song : Isolation (album : American Heartbreak) and Lola Spinner‘s song: Forbidden Fruit (album : Shadow; French-English band based in Paris). If you like their music, support these artists, buy their cds and show another way is possible !

Meltingpod Connections :
Cool, Cyrille like always is one of my best supporter on his Inter-Flou !

21/06/06 Fête de la Musique : Meltingpod Day !

The Angels and The Saints from Australia, The Street Walkin’ Cheetahs from the US (L.A.) and three French bands : Hellbats (Montbeliard), Lola Spinner (Paris) and Lo (Marseille) : it’s the Music Day in France and I simply wanted to play for you some songs I love :
1- « Dogs are talking » in « Beyond Salvation » from the Angels’90’s line-up; soon « news from Buzz » Bidstrup the Angelsband‘s drummer.
2- « Edgar Alan Poe » in « Demons » from Chris Bailey-the Saints
3- « Satisfy » in « Live on KXLU » from the Street Walkin’Cheetahs; soon an interview with Franck Meyer for my Woman Show…:)
4- « Heavy Rockers » in « Dark’n’ Mighty » from Hellbats soon on Meltingtalks
5-« Naked » in « Shadow » from Lola Spinner
6- « Have been blind » in « Black Kites » from LO

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
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Meltingpod Connection : You could find on MELTINGTALKS a lot of interviews (most of the time in French) with musicians who are playing at the Eurockeennes from Belfort » a big rock festival with 80 bands in three days !!! ((June 30th, July 1st and 2sd).