Podcast 108 The New Christs in European tour 2011 : Live interview in Marseille with Rob Younger the singer (ex-Radio Birman) + Live videos of the show at La Machine a Coudre

After a long silence with the podcasts (exactly one year today, strange coincidence !!) I’m back with you again and to honor this return I propose to you a great live interview or more exactly a very friendly conversation with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) I recorded this Summer before his show at La Machine à Coudre in Marseille when he was touring Europe with his famous Australian punk rock band The New Christs !!!

Rob Younger and Brent Williams on the left, Dave Ketley and Paul Larson (from the Celibate Rifles, specially here for the tour 2011 replacing Stuart Wilson) on the right…the New Christs at La Machine à Coudre !!

The New Christs delivered us a fantastic performance, sincere, warm-hearted, professional and wild like the great talentuous musicians and generous rockers they are…they can play on big festivals’ stages like they can play for a small venue with the same powerful energy…I can even say they are more impressing in a small venue…Wow that superbe wall of guitars in front of the stage with Brent, Jim and Dave !! Rob adapted his show to the place he had and still was more fascinating, the air was saturated of music, the drummer was a hero (and all of us by the way) with that highly hot temperature of Summer : in fact we all shared a bath of sounds in a complete pleasure close to the trance…:)
Here below a short videoclip I filmed with my small compact camera to try to give you a little idea…Enjoy!

The Irritones opening the show on the left; Rob Younger, Jim Dickson (both ex-Radio Birman) and Dave Ketley on the right

The French punk band from Marseille Irritones opened the show for their famous Australian guests : only happiness !! (videoclip of their show below, a short live recording in the podcast)

The New Christs and Irritones at the dinner : a good way for the Australians to test the French cooking, cheese and wines thank to the great Relax and Co‘s organization !! On the right, Rob Younger backstage with me in the interview’s room ! It was small but we had a lot of fun talking very relaxed before the show about music, projects, life, politics, flavors you can capture in Marseille by night…:) I hope you will like it ! I illustrated that interview with some excerpts of their new live album recorded in Sydney in May 2011 : « On top of me, Coming apart, Daddy’s calling » and of their last studio album Gloria : « Animalisation »…

If you haven’t enough here, you can listen or re-listen to THAT OTHER PODCAST with a live interview with Rob and the band and many live recordings of the show at Le Poste à Galène in Marseille I have published in May 2009 !

Happy Happy like a Conger!Conger! in the sea : the famous French band performing their new album at Studio Decanis in Marseille Oct 22th 2011 Live Video and photos !!

Last Saturday October 22th 2011 I had the great pleasure to see again one of my favorite French rock bands Conger! Conger! performing Live their new and first album « At the corner of the world » at Studio Decanis in Marseille !!

Conger! Conger! Live at Studio Decanis Marseille 22th 2011 (click to enlarge the pic)

Each of their shows always contains the promise of some theatrical and musical surprises. Maybe it comes because the drummer Patrice De Benedetti is a dancer as well and his both mates Pierrot Gon at the guitar and Didier Bautzmann at the bass are very sensitive and inventive musicians !! They really created a new sound, highly structure their songs and mightily play them on stage sometimes at the limit of our ears’ abilities…:) Hoping you will enjoy the photos and the short videoclip I filmed that night and spread the word if you like them !

It was the first time I went to that place « Studio Decanis » and I really appreciated to find out a new cosy and well adapted space dedicated to the music and the arts in general in the town. So many dynamic clubs closed due to financial difficulties (cf Le Balthazar) or administrative issues (cf recently L’Enthröpy, temporarly I hope) despite the town is preparing to be the capital of Europe for the culture in 2013…

Anyway if you like Conger! Conger! you will find more videos and pics about that band on Meltingpod HERE LIVE at Café Julien in November 2010 and HERE Live at La Machine à Coudre in April 2010, by the way two nice places to listen to Live Music in Marseille too !!

PS : I got some computer’s major issues these last months but they seem to be fixed now so I will try to publish asap the reviews of older events where I took pics or videos or recorded interviews…stay in touch !!