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Meltingpod the blog is 10 years old today March 1st 2015 !!

Ok, it’s just to stay alive one more time…hoping to post more beautiful, powerful and wild new rock songs in a not too distant future…Happy Ten Years Anniversary Meltingpod !!
Back in the days, I could never forget that intense emotion I felt when I sent the first post, here…

A strong emotion as well but of a quite different nature this year in that pic I took when people spontaneously joined the harbour of Marseille around some candles to honor the memory of the numerous victims in Charlie Hebdo’s attack January 7th 2015 and to show their deep attachment to the freedom of expression. In the end Charlie proved they were not dead and still even stronger…a good message of hope in the adversity.

March 1st 2013 Meltingpod the blog is 8 years old!! An Happy Birthday Part 1 starting with The Movements from Gothenburg Sweden Live in La Machine à Coudre in Marseille

Meltingpod the blog is 8 years old today and I thought I could celebrate that event with posting during the next week (until March 8th which is the 8th anniversary of the podcast) the whole stuff in late I recorded during the past year in the hot city of Marseille…I will start with The Movements a rock band from Gothenburg Sweden who came to Marseille April 6th 2012 in La Machine à Coudre : great show, hot ambience !! Enjoy the video :

They played the new album they recorded with the « Angry Dead Pirates » from Toulouse under the French label from Marseille « Pariah ! Records.

Pariah! Records’ hot team : Erika and Alex presenting the Movements’ and Angry Dead Pirates’ new album released as a vinyl !!

Today March 1st 2012 my blog Meltingpod is 7 years old !!!

I spent that nice day trying to save in urgency my numerous and heavy audio and video archives and transfering them to different external hard drives and DVDs hoping it will give more energy and oxygen to my computer which shows very worrying signs of weakness these last days and didn’t work correctly. So no time and no possibility for a very creative post to celebrate that 7th anniversary but with luck maybe my cleaning will help and I will be able to do something better in a not too distant future !!

My good friends from Oriental Fusion (Hakim Hamadouche vocals and mandoluth, Ahmad Compaoré drums and Edmond Hosdikian sax) reforming the band after a 10 years break at La Meson in Marseille February 18th 2012 : a videoclip from that great night soon !

Anyway I couldn’t miss to point that day despite the technical difficulties because I love too much the number 7 and funnily I share for a few years now this anniversary March 1st with Texas Terri who told me in her last live interview she decided to move that day from Los Angeles to Berlin (a big change in her life and carreer) and Ed Kuepper who chose also that day to launch his blog for his own label Prince Melon Records. Btw : If you live in Australia you can see Ed in Melbourne and Adelaïde where he is currently touring with Mark Dawson…:)

The International Women Day March 8th my podcast Meltingpod will be 7 years old, hoping I could publish some new songs you never heard before…:) and by a lucky coincidence Ed Kuepper chose also that day to release his new studio album « Second Winter » stay connected !!!

Happy Happy like a Conger!Conger! in the sea : the famous French band performing their new album at Studio Decanis in Marseille Oct 22th 2011 Live Video and photos !!

Last Saturday October 22th 2011 I had the great pleasure to see again one of my favorite French rock bands Conger! Conger! performing Live their new and first album « At the corner of the world » at Studio Decanis in Marseille !!

Conger! Conger! Live at Studio Decanis Marseille 22th 2011 (click to enlarge the pic)

Each of their shows always contains the promise of some theatrical and musical surprises. Maybe it comes because the drummer Patrice De Benedetti is a dancer as well and his both mates Pierrot Gon at the guitar and Didier Bautzmann at the bass are very sensitive and inventive musicians !! They really created a new sound, highly structure their songs and mightily play them on stage sometimes at the limit of our ears’ abilities…:) Hoping you will enjoy the photos and the short videoclip I filmed that night and spread the word if you like them !

It was the first time I went to that place « Studio Decanis » and I really appreciated to find out a new cosy and well adapted space dedicated to the music and the arts in general in the town. So many dynamic clubs closed due to financial difficulties (cf Le Balthazar) or administrative issues (cf recently L’Enthröpy, temporarly I hope) despite the town is preparing to be the capital of Europe for the culture in 2013…

Anyway if you like Conger! Conger! you will find more videos and pics about that band on Meltingpod HERE LIVE at Café Julien in November 2010 and HERE Live at La Machine à Coudre in April 2010, by the way two nice places to listen to Live Music in Marseille too !!

PS : I got some computer’s major issues these last months but they seem to be fixed now so I will try to publish asap the reviews of older events where I took pics or videos or recorded interviews…stay in touch !!

Hakim Hamadouche, Manu Théron and Ahmad Compaoré at Nomad Café in Marseille for the festival des Méditerranées : Live vidéo and photos !!

The Festival des Méditerranées 2010 offered us December 2sd at Nomad Café the first show of a new trio formed with some famous Algerian Egyptian and French musicians from Marseille I mean : Hakim Hamadouche at the vocals and mandoluth with Rachid Taha, former Oriental Fusion with Ahmad Compaoré on the drums and Manu Théron at the vocals and percussion (Lo Cor de la Plana, Gacha Empega).

Manu Théron and Hakim Hamadouche (pics from my friend and mate Pirlouiiiit Live In Marseille Concert and Co : his camera was better than mine under this low red-yellow lights show : more HERE !!).

They played a lot of songs from their respective repertoire re-arranged for the trio, re-visiting the occitan, arabo-andalous and oriental traditional melodies with a very contemporary and new eye, or ear…:)

Ahmad Compaoré and the trio saluting the audience at the end of the show (pics : Pirlouiiiit).

We got the nice surprise to have two other great musicians joining the stage for a short improvisation during one song : Sam Karpienia (vocals; former Dupain : a podcast with them HERE recorded in 2006 ) followed a few seconds later by Daniel Gaglione at the mandole (Sam Karpienia band) : I filmed a short video to give you an idea of the ambiance, here below !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Hakim got the pleasure to have one of his songs released on Tricky’s (former Massiv Attack) new album 2010 « Mixed Race », here below :

Little Green Fairy Live 2010 at Enthropy in Marseille with a new album Stuck out of time !!

Little Green Fairy a French band from Sete gave a show in Marseille at Enthropy November 6th 2010 (thank to Well Done who booked the show) and played a lot of songs from their new album « Stuck out of time »! A true pleasure for me to meet them again (among my first guests on meltingpod HERE) and for the audience which was formed with a lot of musicians (Cowboys from Outerspace, Irritones, Ze Cardiacs…).

Erik Dim at the guitar, Clarisse B on the drums and Rauky at the lead vocals and guitar.

A short videoclip to give you an ambience of the night is surely better than a long talk! For the rest, buy the CD without hesitation !! (soon a podcast!).

The after-party show was full of friends, laughters and smiles, just what we need !!

Clarisse, Erik and Rauky; Clarisse and Michel (Cowboys from Outerspace)

Erika (Pariah! Records) and Dimi; LGF PomPom Girls : Annie, Clarisse and Iza (Ze Cardiacs)

Meltingpod Connections
A review about the album in English and coming from the Australian Barman HERE !!

Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper : Live video from their Australian duo tour in May 2010 !!

The Saints’ founder members Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper toured together Australia in duo last May as you know if you’re a Meltingpod faithful listener…but like many of you in the world I hadn’t a clear idea of the result except through some photos or rough audio files published here and there…until my friend Mende Joveski sent me a few days ago some short videos clips he filmed during the show Chris and Ed performed in his town Melbourne May 30th !!
When I watched them I immediatly thought it would be nice to share it with you so I made a quick montage with Mende’s agreement and we will let you appreciate that unique ambience…if somebody could have the good idea to book them for Europe, She/He is the welcome…:)
Anyway in the waiting, enjoy this friendly collaboration Melbourne-Marseille around both of our favorite musicians !!

During their tour Chris and Ed played together songs from their respective solo repertoire and some cover songs like at the end « Lay Down » from Melanie with the girls from the Spazzys.

Back to the Rock and Roll Life and Night with the Australian rock band BugGIRL in Marseille !!

So long time I was not here but some violent migraine’s crisis stopped my desire to edit podcasts the last three months (still the cervical vertebras which remembered to me). But I hope this energetic meeting with BugGirl a volcanic duo from Wollongong, close to Sydney in Australia, will help me to start again ! So here a short video clip from their last show a few days ago August 25th at Enthropy booked by Well Done in Marseille (thanks Alex !!) to give you an idea of the end of my convalescence…very soon the live interview I recorded with them after the show !! Stay connected !!

100% Made in Marseille !! Conger!Conger! and 25 Live videos and photos at La Machine à Coudre April 23th

Conger!Conger! and 25, both French bands from Marseille made my night last Friday at La Machine à Coudre a small venue with a BIG rock and roll heart : the musicians, the owners and the faithful public (really all ages mixed in a very nice, smiling and noisy meltingpot) have a special way to turn each night like an unforgettable memory !

Patrice DeBenedetti on the drums, Conger!Conger! the trio in fusion !

That night Conger!Conger! opened the show with a creative and rock experimental music : Patrice DeBenedettti (Tarif Réduit, Enema, dancer with one of my favorite dance companies Ex-Nihilo) on the drums and at the vocals, Pierrot Gon at the guitar and Didier Bautzmann at the bass guitar…the best for you it’s too check the short video clip I filmed during their show below !

I mixed a lot of my best moments considering I used the option »video » of my small compact camera !! So be aware the sound Live was much better !!

Then the punk band « 25 » raised the temperature with their crazy and energetic trio including Lee Zeirjick at the guitar and vocals, El Vice at the bass guitar, Joss Pain on the drums (pics and video below).

The trio in action; Joss shot from the smokers lounge a very convenient place to watch the band’s performance from a different angle…:)

I couldn’t really filmed in front of the stage because of the usual pogo and I escaped behind jumping on a chair…though there I filmed with one hand, the other one was busy to quietly stop a young excited punk whose hands walked too much on my legs and tried to put my nylons down…ambience:)
The end of the clip was filmed at Baraki a nice bar to play a baby-foot’s last game on the way home : always surprising and friendly people there !!

To finish a tribute to some of the most faithful contributors to the rock scene in Marseille and who make it unique !!

Mystic Pinguin the famous rock reviewer from Concertandco LiveInMarseille and Miss Joelle who books rock shows with SurfinCow, J2P the irreplaceable DJ at the beers, The famous Machine’s rock star and the public!! I couldn’t shot Claire the beautiful owner too busy to welcome the people at the door and a lot of other interesting people obvioulsy!

Meltingpod Connections :
Thank to The Mystic Puinguin who wrote an enthusiastic review about that show in French illustrated with my pics and videos…a good work in team : check it on LiveInMarseille!!

19/02/08 Thoughts to Bon Scott from France to Australia : Trust playing Your Final Act and the Bon Scott Celebration Concert 2008 at Fremantle

Bernie Bonvoisin from TRUST singing Your final act : « (I wish I had been there) I wouldn’t have left you…I would have kept you warm…this man was my friend…he was called Bon Scott ! »
A lot of people surely thought the same thing than Bernie since that day of February 19th 1980 where Bon Scott died alone abandoned unconscious in a car during a very freezing night in London, far away from home.
I know it gave the energy to my friend Buzz Bidstrup to organize as artistic director this big event the Aussie Rockers Saluting Bon Scott at Fremantle (where Bon is burried) reuniting a lot of Bon’s friends and fans for a concert last year and raising the money to erect a statue to Bon there. In a few days February 24th they will unveil the statue and will give a second show around « him » ! More details about the line-up HERE !
A new interview will be recorded with Buzz…soon !
I specially dedicate these pics taken at the Trust’s show at Istres last December to Arnaud « Bon Scott Rawpower » (Bon Scott Ultimate Fan from North of France…:) who devoted a big part of his time to honor Bon’s memory and share his passion for AC/DC with Ben in this fantastic website : Back in Black and their new webzine Can’t stop AC/DC.

Meltingpod Connections :
Happy to read other French people in the TRUST FORUM thought to Bon today. A link for you with Buzz’s last interview in 2007 about the show at Fremantle and his personal memories with Bon !! and to the others Australian rock stars’ interviews (AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo…) recorded during the show (in English sorry…:)

13/02/08 HISTORIC ACT IN AUSTRALIA AND FOR THE WHOLE WORLD : Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says officially sorry to the indigenous Australians


A great emotion to hear that solemn talk at the Australian Parliament from France !! It’s maybe and surely the first time in the world I guess, a nation apologizes for the damages caused to the indigenous who lived in their country before they arrived as…colonialists !! A lot of countries in the world including France caused the same damages in the past even with having the sincere feeling they only brought their best : their greatest civilization !! I feel me proud for all my friends in Australia who helped that day to come : a great day for the Aborigines for Australia and for the whole planet ! and the first step for a big change in our society I hope !


12/02/08 Aboriginal Welcome to the Australian Parliament who will say Sorry for the stolen generation tomorrow !

Mr Kevin Rudd will become the first Prime Minister to bridge the gap between the black and white communities in Australia accepting the responsibility for the forced removal of aboriginal children from their parents and will say sorry in behaf of the whole nation to the indigeneous families tomorrow : a historic day for Australia. BRAVO !!!!! Today was already a great day with a traditional welcome to country by Indigenous elders which has been held in federal Parliament for the first time !!


Aboriginal Welcome to the Parliament today !!


Story about the stolen generation…


The John Butler trio‘s contribution for the Aboriginal rights !!