14/09/05 The royal sweepers of the luxury desert

Podcast N°20 ! Meltingpod invites you to jump in the Orient Express to an unknown destination talking with Chalmi (Michel Augier) about his band from Marseille « les Balayeurs du desert » and about his musical creation with Royal de Luxe, one of the most famoust street theater company in France and in the world. He gave in world premiere to Meltingpod some of the new songs of his last album (the fifth) : « Jules Verne Impact » which contains a part of Royal de Luxe last show (la visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps) music and a part of the own concert the band is playing after the street theater show. In a few days you could buy this album on internet.


The desert sweepers playing at Balthazar in Marseille.

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Meltingpod connections :
Simple Jok loves Meltingpod and he says it on his blog !
Meltingpod joined an association of rock and roll podcasters : Ass of Rock !
For the pleasure to share my pleasure with you : Lars Wallin:. « Tiwi Warrior » Luxemburg -05 : a real and nice Meltingpod music sent from Sweden by Lars Wallin, an Australia and Saints fan, who saw the Angels in Brisbane in 1989, and is a musician who likes rock and plays didgeridoo !
Audioblog still loves Meltingpod and continues freely to spread some of my podcasts. And a new fan (?) Critical World Blog supports Meltingpod now. Thanks to everybody !

7/09/05 The Angels flying around Marseille

Meltingpod is back with a 50 minutes rock and roll show ! The Angelsband from Australia will be with us flying around Marseille to celebrate the half anniversary of Meltingpod.
Buzz Bidstrup the Angels’ drummer answered to my questions from his hotel room in Melbourne during their tour in Australia and you will have the pleasure to hear again the Angels old live versions of : « Marseille » and « Am I ever gonna to see your face again » until I get the new live album of the Angelsband and  » No secret » the song co-written by Buzz Bidstrup and Doc Neeson (who plays with his own band Red Phoenix at the moment).
We spoke with Buzz about the Angelsband’s new projects to tour Europe again, to come to Marseille for the first time (!!), his personal work as bands’ manager and projects’ developer with and for the Aborigenes. There even is a short appearance of one of his good friend…Chris Bailey !


These photos come from the Angelsband’s website.

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3/09/05 Obsessive me ?

Oh ! I only want to know who was Oscar Wilde really in details (complete works, bios, letters, lawsuit’s stories) : la rentrée littéraire de Meltingpod !
One of the most amazing book until now is « Teleny » : Oscar is only supposed to be the author of this « true » story : if he wrote that book in the context of England at that time he couldn’t sign it without signing his death sentence. I found this book in a public library in Marseille discreetly listed under « Physiological study » ! Even read in a French translation I heard Oscar’s voice in my head (or maybe an other man ?) telling a part of his life. I found a German fan on the web who wrote about this book : « Die schönste Liebesgeschichte der Welt » (la plus belle histoire d’amour du monde); a French fan wrote : better than the poppers ! …I encourage you to read it and give your opinion !

Left pile is already read, right pile is in working…I fear to have been too « gourmande » !
To stay a very short moment with the intellectuals (don’t worry), I answered to a request of France Culture, one of the most important and famous public French radio, who recorded last Thursday a live show in Marseille’s center about…city planning.
I was not invited as city planner but as DJ to propose for free a choice of songs I already played in my meltingpod podcast to integrate into their show !! Surprise or not a few days later they didn’t spread anything of my music in their show « Travaux Publics » : my rock and roll was censured without a word of explanation : not cool !