28/07/05 Walking a summer night in a bog

I saw strange apparitions walking in a bog during a hot night with Ilotopie :


I need a break a few days in a cold country ! I’m flighing tomorrow for Vilnius (Lithuania). If you didn’t have any time until now to listen to every podcasts of meltingpod, it’s the moment to update your ears.
I gave an interview during one hour to Julien from France Podcast for his podmag : this funny conversation is podcasting on the internet in the middle of the next week. I hope you will like to listen to me in French only !

I began to work on a logo for meltingpod, give me your first reactions.

18/07/05 The Saints from Tokyo to Nashville !

The festival Oulala at Saint-Bonnet le château-Part Two, with the Saints in concert (+ some songs from cds too refering to Chris Bailey’s talk about his lyrics in the festival Part One : 12/07/05), Tokyo Sex Destruction from Barcelone in a funny melting Spanish-English interview and a political call recorded backstage with a technician-artist, in this new podcast.
The electric girls of Nashville Pussy only for your eyes (pics below), giving a true American show the first night of the three days festival.


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14/07/05 The shortest road-theater performance

After spending some noisy days with the Saints, I found back home to Marseille an invitation from Alice Cooper’s guitarist to see their concert the day after in l’Olympia and do an interview with Alice after the show : too short to organize this new travel (arrgh); I needed to take a break in the silence and the loneliness in my own hard land of France, a little village in the Alpes : Saint-Crepin (hey, where Frederic Chopin’s ancestors+father were born)…loneliness, silence ? not true this morning because the Tour de France was running through the village…behind the sponsors’caravane the 165 heroes ran in front of us during exactly LESS ONE MINUTE ! a great road-theater performance, the shortest I ever saw.


BTW : I have personally a new sponsor, Luc Saint-Elie, another French podcaster; have a look on : http://audioblog.fr; he spreads my podcasts from iTunes until I will be myself on the iTunes podcasts list. Nice solidarity !

12/07/05 Noisy Holidays in Hell with the Saints

Yes, it was good to to see the Saints and take holidays in hell with them in the hard land of France in Saint-Bonnet le Château at the festival Oulala ; a little far away from Marseille but I came back home with a precious noisy podcast with an interview of the band backstage and some live songs of the concert…special dedicated to the Saints’ fans and to the festival’s voluntary workers !


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Nota : I would like to thank the festival Oulala for the press accreditation to do this report (pics and interviews backstage) Chris Bailey for his agreement to record the Saints live on stage and the Saints & Huggy their tour manager (Pbox) for their kindness.

05/07/05 The Royal Rocking Sewing Machine

In this new podcast : a world premiere (smile) with a song from the new album of the Balayeurs du Desert (the desert-sweepers), the musicians of Royal de Luxe, one of the most famous street theater company in the world, and for the Treteaux des Menestrels, a very little unknown company… ! Thanks Chelmi !
Then you will spend a trashy night with me at the Machine à coudre, the best place to hear punk rock and roll but not only…with the Neurotic Swingers on stage and backstage featuring some funny characters from the bar to the toilets…!
And at last some news from Australia…July 7th the Angels will release their new live album in Sydney; meanwhile they love always Marseille and to do jokes…Buzz sent me this pic yesterday with the whole band wearing the shirt « Marseille without frontier » I sent to him : nice pic, isn’t it ?

Left to right : Buzz Bidstrup, Rick and John Brewster, Chris Bailey
(click to enlarge the pic).

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MP3/ 96 kbps

04/07/05 The Hot Rock Connection

Yesterday night, I went to a concert of Aggravation and Neurotic Swingers at « La Machine à Coudre (the sewing machine), the highest place for punk rock and roll in Marseille because of the passion of his owner Philippe and his team (Claire, J2P…), helped with the crazy rockers of Ratakans Connection…some pictures here but for the first time I walked in the club with a minidisc (thanks to my new sponsor : Nadine Gomez) and I recorded some great moments of the night : a minidisc opens a window to another world for a podcaster ! I hope you will appreciate my first try with this new material…the temperature was over 50° Celsius, after the show we were wet like in a swimming pool !


click to enlarge the pics and enjoy the rockers !

Late in the night or early in the morning, the ambiance became really hot like always in the South with laughs, a little blood but more fright than pain.


podcast on the fire…soon !