27/11/05 The Aborigines love punk and roll !

Lars Wallin from Uddevalla-Sweden is the guest today with some of my favorite Saints and Chris Bailey’s songs from the albums Eternally hours, All fool days, Scarce Saints and Demons. Lars sang in a punk rock band the Strawdogs, is as big Saints’ fan as me, now is playing didgeridoo and touring with an aborigines band from Australia : the White Cockatoo…sometimes he plays The Saints songs with his didgeridoo…you understood why I was attracted…nice meltingpod ! I met him only on the internet through his very interesting website, with a lot of Saints’pics and videos (in 2003 and 2005). I recommand you : Chris Bailey and the local Saints (a bunch of Lars’ friends); the sound is not very good but the show is very exciting. The White Cockatoo’s videos are amazing (tour 2005 : Kunkurra, Tiwi Warrior, Liftaren…). I hope I could do something to divert their European tour until Marseille next year…


Black and white pics : Lars and the Strawdogs. Colours : Chris Bailey playing guitar in Sweden and Lars playing didgeridoo in Australia.The White Cockatoo in action : click to enlarge (every pics from Lars Wallin’s website).

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Meltingpod (and Lars) Connections : Meltingpod loves the video from Hardcoresuperstar. Download these burning Wild Boys from Sweden who strangely cross the news here in France.

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