1er mars 2005 : It was snowing in Marseille !!

Yesterday, the 28 th February, near the Mediterranean it was true…
look at the pictures, not a joke…pas de blague !


My name is Annie Viglielmo, I’m French, born in Marseille and living here.
This exceptional snow was a sign that I shoud begin my podcast…in the night, as often for such things :
Meltingpod was born on the web !
Thanks to Ralf Makrutzki the energizer in everyday life (Eurocircle), Michael Butler the inseminator through the internet (Rock and Roll Geek Show) and Luc Saint-Elie the obstetrician by phone (Audioblog).
The podcast was launched with bursts of laughter and the spirit of Rock and roll; I hope it will always continue !
The strange sounds from planet Marseille are coming in a few days…

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