Ed Kuepper Live at l’Olympia : videos recorded at his show at Paris during his European tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I filmed Ed Kuepper during some moments of his show at l’Olympia at Paris with my usual camera using the « video » option without a lot of expectations for the sound quality but the result is not too bad…anyway it’s surely (or one of ??) the unique recording from this nice performance with two members of the Bad Seeds who joined Ed and his drummer Jeffrey Wegener to improvise together around « Eternally yours » : Warren Ellis added his violin (like on the Jean-Lee album) and Martyn P. Casey his bass.


The seduced French audience during Ed Kuepper’s show at l’Olympia !!

On another side it signed at least my entrance in youtube as a video producer !!! the first Meltingvideopod I launched years ago as a test (November 3rd 2005) with the Streetwalkin’cheetahs was a promotion for that band I like but not my own production (no recorder fot that)…so enjoy this new and first experience and support Meltingworlds by Paypal if you want me buying a true videocamera for a best result next time !!…:)

And Vote for Ed with winning maybe Ed’s albums on that link before July 3rd : www.air.org.au for « Australia’s Greatest Independent Albums of All Time » !! Ed has 4 nominations (on the selected 50), including his first solo album Eletrical Storm , as well as Honey Steels Gold and Laughing Clowns ‘Mr Uddich Schuddich goes to town’. His first recording from 1976 [I’m] Stranded by the original Saints is nominated as a single.

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