8/03/05 Black and Blue as…

the colors of digital sound recording !!


Hi melting friends !
I’m absolutely not in a horrible mood, just a little flue and a big headache with the sound and recording problems these last few days.
A week ago, I had the idea and the wish to create a podcast but I understood nothingabout the workings of internet behind the scenes and nothing about the sound and compression world. As Michael Geoghegan of Reel Rewiews said, « nobody tells the future podcasters about the need to become their own sound engineer ». When I read this sentence it was like a smell of burning. Now I know why.
I made a short test this weekend which ran between Berlin, Paris and San Francisco (the luxury !) to ask some dj and podcasters friends what they thought about it. The answer was not bad but I was not satisfied with the saturated bass sound of a song and my voice too weak in comparison with the music (picture on the left).
Yesterday I met my friend Mr Brown and his brother Lionnel in their nice recording studio in Manosque to learn some important things about sound and software. It’s not easy to begin with this new equipment (picture on the right). I came back to Marseille sick and tired and went directly to sleep.
At 3:AM, I was awake (enough sleep) and I walked around my apartment…until I started my computer : no news, and before closing I tried Panther’s iChat again with my friend Michael Butler from San Francisco, my only contact until now; but with the 9 hours of time difference, we hadn’t spoken to each other for three years, except by e-mail. And this morning, a window opened and I heard : « Hello » in my computer…it was funny to speak together again…one hour free call…Marseille-San Francisco ! Yeah !
I encourage everybody who has a Mac and Panther to install iChat and we can speak free together.
I’m trying to record a short show very quickly now…for you, my melting friends !

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