#93 Meltingpod 4th anniversary : Special USA podcast and Viva Obama (Yes we can !!!)

Four years ago I published my first podcast on Meltingpod !! A incredible adventure which started in 2004 from the USA with Adam Curry (the podfather) and Dave Winner and for me with my friend Michael Butler from San Francisco who hosts the Rock and Roll Geek Show…So I chose to play a lot of songs from American bands for that fourth anniversary !

Frank Meyer (the Street Walkin’s Cheetahs – L.A.)

I started with a song called « Annie » by Copperpot (New Jersey) Michael found and dedicated me on his own show, then :
The Hangmen (L.A.) : Here she comes
Kick Kick (Kansas) : Heart over the bar
Frank Meyer and Thor (L.A.) : Standing On The Edge Of Hell
Small Doses (Washington DC) : B-Train
Michael Butler & American Heartbreak (S. Francisco) : Things are looking up
Texas Terri Bomb (L.A.) : Dream Wrecker
I hope you will enjoy that rock and roll from Obama’s country !!…
and a kind of my first birthday’s song coming from Australia…:)

 A little memory from March 8th 2005 !!