1/06/07 Australian rock’s bands and fans love Meltingpod and Meltingpod loves you !

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Thanks to the Angels my first supporters with my Angels French Connection aka Hamsteratomique and French Metallian, both webmasters for sites dedicated to the Angels and Doc Neeson (The Angels ex-singer), then AC/DC‘s former lead singer Dave Evans who gave me a fantastic place to promote my podcasts on his myspace website and recently thanks to Ben who manages AC/DC Back in Black, a French website devoted to AC/DC helped by Arnaud aka Bon Scott Rawpower (Bon Scott Ultimate Fan) who keeps alive Bon’s memory on a very nice page on myspace too : both welcome me friendly on their sites with a lot of links to my podcasts about the Bon Scott Celebration Concert or Dave Evans’ interview; Still a mention to Ben Popp who proposed many times to spread Meltingpod news on his webmagazine Musiciens.biz : Thanks for all these links and friendly attitude, so precious for Meltingpod’s life and presence on the internet.
Update June 4th : Hey I’m on the Tatts’ official website’s homepage too ! Thanks to the band and Herko ! Last news : Steve King left the band and Geordie Leach will play the bass again; good luck to both !

Meltingpod Connections :
News from the Bon Scott Celebration Concert : Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels) and Dave Evans on the Australian TV show !! (thanks Glenn for the link !) Read the review and watch the video-report clicking on the pics below :
Bon Scott’s statue will be paid and the foundation SAL (Support Act Limited) got a 50 000$ cheque to help musicians; bravo Buzz !!