20/03/05 Take me away to Marseille !

The second podcast is here : fresh made in Saturday night fever !!
A great night with The Angels flying above the city and singing « Take me away to Marseille »: specially dedicated to Balthazar from the Balthazar : Happy Birthday today ! Then a weird portrait of the town through Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers and the « answer » from Leda Atomica. To go to sleep with nice dreams or to dance in bed : Neurotic Swingers (have a look at my pictures on their site : Artrats Party oct 2003 and French Fries Party oct 2004 !!).

In Marseille you must be ready to meet anybody !

Nota : In my podcast I only play songs written by friends or bands I know personally , it means they give me the right to play their songs…unfortunately I didn’t know personally the Angels from Australia but I e-mailed them to ask for their authorization to play « Marseille » and…a few hours later…I got a nice answer with their agreement and a proposal to send me the next version if I give my address : I love the Angels, welcome to Marseille ! The pictures you can see on this blog were taken by me.

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