1er Avril…2005

(The Angels in Paris 1981-pics J.Y.Legras; http://www.theangels.free.fr)

Today the Angels inspire me a lot of « Poissons d’avril » (April Scherz and April joke ?). I don’t know if this tradition runs around the world or if it’s typically European but the joke during the whole day is to tell somebody the most enormous thing it’s possible with the art to made this thing credible.
I want to play a little game with you : some things I wrote are true, other things are « Poisson d’Avril »:
1 – I got an e-mail this morning from the Angels with the following declaration : We, the Angels band, Buzz, John, Rick and Chris, promise on their honour to their French fans, they will play their famous song « Marseille » in Marseille maybe this year 2005, anyway before the end of the summer 2006.
2 – Doc Neeson their ex-vocalist sang this song during enough years with such a pleasure that he promises to come too.
3 – Buzz the drummer wrote to me he will come this week-end to Marseille to plan the concert.
4 – Their manager sent me the last version of Marseille to take my blues away because I learned Buzz can’t come now.
5 – John sings better the song « Marseille » than Doc because he wrote the lyrics and lives himself the story.
6 – The Angels always are a great band after thirty years.
7 – I have the blues because the Angels don’t play this week-end in Marseille and I must wait and I hate to wait.
You can vote : T for true, P for « Poisson d’avril » ! (The Angels themselves can play too). I will give the answers in the next podcast !

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