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#56 World Premieres for Christmas !

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Frank Meyer (ph : Todd Westover) and Michael Butler on stage (ph : me); Balthazar (ph : their website) and Bryan Small the Hangman (pic from me !).

Angus Kahn and Balthazar offered me/us their demos to listen to in World Premiere on Meltingpod for Christmas !! they are recording them in studio right now !
I opened that special show with « Downtown » a song from one of my favorite rock band based in L.A : the Hangmen, to introduce an interview I will plan very soon with Bryan Small the singer and guitarist I met in Marseille a few years ago like the others American musicians present in this show : Frank Meyer is forming a new band « Angus Kahn » with some musicians from different bands based in L.A. too, the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Sweet Justice and the B.Movies Rats,
My friend Michael Butler, the Rock and Roll Geek, bassist in American Heartbreak, based in San Francisco, sent me since 2001 very often some of his songs in working from the very first note because I love that !!!
Marquis Moon is a band from Marseille from the 90’s who unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore but Pascal Ferrari one of the musician gave me a lot of demos never released to play on my podcast too.
At least Balthazar a band from Montréal used to live at home in Marseille during many months and gave me often their work in evolution.
I hope you will appreciate this special musical gift : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Eve Party to you all !

Meltingpod Connections :
I invited you to check my other website MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD : our little rock community find a place to write there too !
If you understand French you could listen to my new podcast on MELTINGTALKS, where I did interviews with women in Marseille about the mothers and housewives’ dreams…in France in 2006 ! Nobody can stay indifferent to their talk.

#54 Noisy Music Elegant Talk : what’s better !

Rock bands from Marseille and some surprises with the Saints and the Angels : a great Meltingpod today…so we start with :
Gasolheads : Bad situation-Lying shooter position (the band is dead but gave the birth to the Hatepinks and Neurotic Swingers).
Neurotic Swingers : Burn to Floor-What’s your definition of underground ?
Les Balayeurs du désert : Hello Ola-Jules Verne Impact (music played during the Royal de Luxe‘ show : La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps).
The Saints’ drummer Peter Wilkinson stole my mic and interviewed me !
The Saints : Never Enough-Imperious Delirium (new French tour right now)
Les Balayeurs again with Morale : a great Meltingpod song !
After Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos) and Frank Meyer (the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs), Buzz Bisdtrup (the Angels) answers to the WOMAN SHOW !!! Who will be the next one on the grill : maybe a French podcaster ?
Gasolheads again with Nobody knows…a good song for the end !

Update November 12th : WONDERFUL links to ROYAL DE LUXE LAST SHOW HERE and HERE + many SAINTS LIVE SHOWS from 77 to 2005 : Enjoy Nights in Venice Live At Paddington Townhall in 77 : a GREAT MOMENT…strangely I have the feeling it’s this rough version I loved and played in my podcast with Lars in Nov.05…and the Saints will finish their actual tour in Venice…

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Great and cool drummers : Buzz from the Angels and Peter from The Saints

  Gasolheads and Neurotic Swingers at La machine in Marseille (05/05).

Update November 6th : Speaking about drummers the Rodriguez from Austria on stage at la Machine a coudre last Saturday night : no live podcast I only danced without moderation ! rock is primal and sensual…:)

    The boys sweating on stage and the girls having fun…Relax and Co !

14/10/06 the Meltingworlds company is born !

No it’s not a new street theater company even if in the band you could find Pierre Berthelot Generik Vapeur‘s artistic co-director, Michel Crespin Lieux Publics‘ foundator (national center for the creation in street arts), Michel Denis (cultural manager), no it’s just MY new podcasting association : MELTINGWORLDS !! The foundators members are a bunch of old friends with also Ralf Makrutzki (European projects director with Eurocircle) Michel Lecour (entrepreneur in internet sector); at the Head Quarter as secretary : Nadine Gomez ( contemporary art museum curator), as treasurer : Michel Denis; you found : I’m the chairwoman of the Board !
7 people to launch a project to improve and promote cultural exchanges around the world using new technologies as blogging and podcasting (new website in construction :
I already have a first cool donator with Jean-Luc Blache (Art Chic president, city-planner architect) and Bruno Gilles , the mayor of my area in Marseille promised to help me financially from next year ! It ‘s a good beginning !
I hope to go and podcast for you at least…in Australia ?


discussion (left to right) Pierre, Ralf, Michel D, Michel L, Michel C, signature : same + Nadine, champagne : Pierre et Ralf, pose : Nadine, Pierre et Annie

21/06/06 Fête de la Musique : Meltingpod Day !

The Angels and The Saints from Australia, The Street Walkin’ Cheetahs from the US (L.A.) and three French bands : Hellbats (Montbeliard), Lola Spinner (Paris) and Lo (Marseille) : it’s the Music Day in France and I simply wanted to play for you some songs I love :
1- « Dogs are talking » in « Beyond Salvation » from the Angels’90’s line-up; soon « news from Buzz » Bidstrup the Angelsband‘s drummer.
2- « Edgar Alan Poe » in « Demons » from Chris Bailey-the Saints
3- « Satisfy » in « Live on KXLU » from the Street Walkin’Cheetahs; soon an interview with Franck Meyer for my Woman Show…:)
4- « Heavy Rockers » in « Dark’n’ Mighty » from Hellbats soon on Meltingtalks
5-« Naked » in « Shadow » from Lola Spinner
6- « Have been blind » in « Black Kites » from LO

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Meltingpod Connection : You could find on MELTINGTALKS a lot of interviews (most of the time in French) with musicians who are playing at the Eurockeennes from Belfort » a big rock festival with 80 bands in three days !!! ((June 30th, July 1st and 2sd).

8/03/06 Meltingpod podcast already one year !!

My podcast first anniversary, I never thought in March 8th 2005 I would record more than one podcast; I tried one and the the addiction came ! Today is the number 40 !! with a lot of friends and listeners who never stopped to give me their support one year long : Thank you, really…some of you are fantastic, a comment posted after each show…so nice !
In this show you will listen to the Black Halos (Broken), the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (Satisfy, Motor City Rock and Roll and Shauna) and the Angels (« Be with you » and « Marseilles » live in the car as dedication for the Anniversary !!!), my very first song played on the podcast N°1 : Bebe Clandestine ( E stupido), nice audio comments sent for the anniversary by friends and podcasters : Michael Butler and the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Bertrand Lenotre with le podcasteur, Luc Saint-Elie in video, Saskia with Saskianation, Pierre Journel with le podcast de la Cabane au Canada and a lot of ID recorded for a year with musicians and people from around the world…enjoy the sound, the music, the different languages and Meltingpod with Annie from Marseille !

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Doc Neeson from the Angels singing Marseille in « costume » at Narara (Australia) in 83, my friend Michael Butler recording a podcast for his Rock and roll geek show from San Francisco (webcam’s pic), my friend Luc St Elie in video (click to watch on the pic) telling his hard experience helping me from Paris to build Meltingpod’s website one year ago and Doc again (pics from Angels’DVD) !

Meltingpod Connections :
What would I do without Cyrille of Inter-Flou ? he wrote to the world for days Meltingpod is in NETIZEN N°2 (THE monthly French blogs magazine) and I only bought it today : hey ! half a page N°57, nice, thanks Netizen !!
Today March 9 th I was invited to talk about DADVSI on Radio Grenouille, the best radio in Marseille : the entire show « Cocotte musique » 1h30 long will be broadcasted Sunday March 12th at 11:30 AM (88.8 FM).
The true website who talks about DADVSI :
A new show on MELTINGTALKS about Eurocircle‘s projects and networks.

28/02/06 Riding with the cowboys on motorcycles

The Cowboys from Outerspace will take you away until the end of this crazy night at the Balthazar in Marseille; they played their new fifth album « Sleeping with ghosts » (a nice programme) ; on their way you will heard The Mystik Motorcycles who tested their new third album (not still released, a premiere for Meltingpod) at the Poste à galène ; I did two interviews with the both bands…a lot of fun !

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The Cowboys from Outerspace and the Mystik Motorcycles

Meltingpod Connections : DKpod chose Meltingpod for their homepage in the French podcasts’ selection.

26/02/06 Rocking with the independants

In the part 2 I ran to the machine à coudre to record LO a band from Marseille I already heard last year with pleasure opening for…the Saints !
I did an interesting interview backstage after the concert with Tom, Lo’s singer, then exchanged some words with Nicolas, Ask the Dust‘s singer, a band from Paris who opened the show. Thanks to the both bands who gave me their albums to play on Meltingpod… »Black Kites » from Lo and « Anestesia » from Ask the Dust.

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        LO at the machine à coudre

18/01/06 Dupain Live : Energy from South

Dupain, a band from Marseille I recorded live January 14th during their concert at l’Escale in Aubagne , a little city near Marseille. They played two hours long for an enthusiastic audience. I hope you will enjoy that show in occitan, a local language from South of France. I told you, it won’t be only rock and roll but I like it…you’re on Meltingpod ! stay wild !
You could listen to Dupain’s interview on Meltingtalks (40 minutes in French about the band’s bio, DADVSI’s law’s project, majors, labels, copyrights and podcasting).

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      Dupain le 14/01/06 à l’Escale – Aubagne (ph. Annie Viglielmo)

01/01/06 2006 will be hot or will be not !

Meilleurs voeux pour 2000sex, Happy New Year, Frohes Neues Jahr with :
Naked – Lola Spinner (Paris)
It’s mine – Bebe Clandestine (Marseille)
Debauchery + I want you (The Troggs) – Street Walkin’ Cheetahs (L.A)
20 francs le Cunnilingus – David Lafore 5 Tetes (Marseille)
Porno Movie + Nothing is straight in my house – the Saints (Amsterdam)
Funny conversations recorded in 2005 : With Chris (the Saints) in Marseille, then from Australia with Buzz (the Angels) about Chris, at least with Shane Chisholm (Meltingpod listener) about… Chris, Buzz and Oscar Wilde !!
Be Hot or Not ! Thanks to the Pixies for the lovely noises at the end !

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sent by : Blinc-headquarters in Gottingen-Germany, Didier
from Montreal, me in the Alpes-France, Markus from Berlin.

Meltingpod Connections :
Sean Randolph, a Meltingpod listener and DJ’s for one of the oldest US college radio stations (first air in 1937) WMUC 88.1 FM based about 10 miles outside of Washington DC, will air the bulk of my Dec 15th podcast « French punk rock for Christmas » this tuesday night (January 3rd) between 9 PM & midnight. WMUC is online at
Meltingpod : Meilleur podcast de l’année 2005 ! Best podcast of the year !!! Where ? Here : « Annie Viglielmo nous a fait voyager en six mois tout autour de la scène rock mondiale ! Beaucoup de travail pour cette passionnée, une présentation très pro et un son parfait, l’esprit Web de ceux qui savent donner… » Nice ! one more time in English : Annie Viglielmo took us on a 6 months voyage (10 exactly !!) around the world rock scene ! A lot of work for this woman with a passion for music. A professional show and a perfect sound, the web spirit from those who know how to give ».
Thanks to Dave Hawkes for this link to Mark Lanegan : have a look on the video « Sideways in reverse »: such a Saints’ ambience…arrgh !

21/12/05 Marseilles rocks for Christmas !

Only rock bands from Marseille for Christmas with : INRI (musicians from Leda Atomica), Marquis Moon, Cowboys from outer space, Bea Paradis with Sub Rosa and Bebe Clandestine, Les Balayeurs du desert, and a guest from Montreal : Balthazar featuring Hakim Hammadouche at the mandoluth.
I hope you will like this second special gift for you : Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël !!


Michel (Cowboys from outer space) Chalmi (Balayeurs du désert) Sophie and Pascal (Marquis Moon) Béa (Sub Rosa).

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15/12/05 French punk rock for Christmas !

YEAH !!!!Marseilles ROCKS ! In this show you will stay 20 minutes long with French punk rock bands from Marseille without break !! Gasolheads, The Hatepinks, Neurotic Swingers, Take Shit Back and a guest from Toulouse : Jerry Spider Gang. Here are the bands-songs-albums’ references :
Gasolheads : Bad Situation and Nobody knows in Lying shooter position
The Hatepinks : Living on Plastic – I’m a gimmick in Sehr Gut Rock n’ Roll
Take shit back : Out of straight edge in Too late for apologize
Neurotic Swingers : Burn the floor in What’s your definition of underground
Jerry Spider Gang : Down in Hell and Private affair (Saints’song) in Exile on mainstream.
It’s the first part of my Christmas’gift for you, my faithful or new listeners.
In a few days, the part 2 will bring you others surprises…


In the order of appearance : Neurotic Swingers, the Hatepinks, Jerry Spider gang, Stephane (NS and Lollipop records), Guillaume (Take shit back) Gasolheads and the crowd of girls…!! I took these pics, a performance too !

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Meltingpod Connections : MELTINGTALKS my second podcast is born December 1st 2005, 9 months after Meltingpod, with only conversations, interviews around the world. A first show is on line with a nice woman, Hanife from Turkey ! Come on !
Thanks to Cyrille who already announced Meltingtalks’ birth to the world on his blog and podcast Interflou !

14/09/05 The royal sweepers of the luxury desert

Podcast N°20 ! Meltingpod invites you to jump in the Orient Express to an unknown destination talking with Chalmi (Michel Augier) about his band from Marseille « les Balayeurs du desert » and about his musical creation with Royal de Luxe, one of the most famoust street theater company in France and in the world. He gave in world premiere to Meltingpod some of the new songs of his last album (the fifth) : « Jules Verne Impact » which contains a part of Royal de Luxe last show (la visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps) music and a part of the own concert the band is playing after the street theater show. In a few days you could buy this album on internet.


The desert sweepers playing at Balthazar in Marseille.

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Meltingpod connections :
Simple Jok loves Meltingpod and he says it on his blog !
Meltingpod joined an association of rock and roll podcasters : Ass of Rock !
For the pleasure to share my pleasure with you : Lars Wallin:. « Tiwi Warrior » Luxemburg -05 : a real and nice Meltingpod music sent from Sweden by Lars Wallin, an Australia and Saints fan, who saw the Angels in Brisbane in 1989, and is a musician who likes rock and plays didgeridoo !
Audioblog still loves Meltingpod and continues freely to spread some of my podcasts. And a new fan (?) Critical World Blog supports Meltingpod now. Thanks to everybody !