4/12/07 The French rock band TRUST in concert near Marseille at l’Usine at Istres December 2sd !! 1977-2007 : Happy 30th Birthday TODAY !!

Nono (Norbert Krief : lead guitar) and Bernie Bonvoisin (vocals); Farid Medjane (drums); Iso (Izotronik : bass) and Vivi (Yves Brusco : rythmic guitar); Nono (click to enlarge the pics).

TRUST…a legendary French band…I don’t like to use that word « legendary » but in this case I can’t say anything else except maybe : the first French band who played a good rock and roll singing clever and forceful lyrics without compromises for 30 years (with some breaks) : a lucid look about our contemporary society which definetely is necessary specially in France ! They played last Sunday near Marseille at Istres and are partying tonight at Paris (l’Olympia) for their 30th anniversary ! Yeah ! Trust quickly started in 77 with a huge and enthusiastic response among the youth and at Istres’ show (sold out!!) the faithful audience was there singing every famous lyrics at each song…sometimes with a best memory than Bernie himself…:)
That night I was LiveInMarseille‘s official photographer (thanks Stefan) and I at least bought a new camera !! I was allowed to take pics in front of the stage during « the three first songs » only (what a rule ?! admitted almost everywhere in Europe now without any logic for me) and then invited to be crushed among the crowd and in the necessity to continue as « a pirate »?? chased by the security !! Everybody knows the musicians and the photographers need to be « warm » to give their best but nobody knows when the connection between the both will happen : I would be very curious to hear the musicians’ point of views about this incredible rule.
Anyway I hope you will enjoy the photos.

Songs speaking about men with special destinies like « Mesrine » (with Deck the scratcher above the drums); Bernie introducing in a song called « your final act » his friend Bon Scott (very close to the band unill his last days); Massoud (commander in Afghanistan) : a new song with only Nono (at the acoustic guitar) and Bernie : a shared close moment…

Bernie more relaxed at the end, joking, dancing, abandoning at least his dark glasses and offering us a quiet and smiling face. Long life to TRUST !

BTW : A special thought to Mick Cocks, Rose Tattoo’s guitarist who turned me again to Bernie and Trust asking news from them in our live interview at Lyon-France in April 2007 : I hope you are both connected again too !

Meltingpod Connections :
Update December 8th : I found a « new family » in the TRUST FORUM and a link to some pretty cool videos extracted from THE LIVE SHOW at ISTRES filmed from the first line…Bernie showed many times how he was not against these « friendly pirates » encouraging to flash « as an exception » Farid the drummer to salute him (my pic above). It has a bootleg quality but


the sound is not bad…Nono in a great form, Bernie apologizing on the knees to have broken a mic, the crowd singing…the ambience is there !!

Dec 5th : A fresh report about Trust’s show at l’Olympia (Paris) December 4th on ZICAZIC (in French). Bravo Fred to have done it in the same night !!


TRUST LIVE recently with a song without age…: « L’élite » !!