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The Angels from Australia and Meltingpod : the friendly connection Sydney-Marseille goes throught the years around a song…

The Angels from Australia created a new website when Doc Neeson joined the band again at the vocals and I’m happy to see they gave me a nice place in their news page remembering to their fans all the infos I published on Meltingpod about the band between 2005 and 2008 : 13 podcasts-phone interviews with Buzz Bidstrup, John and Rick Brewster, Doc Neeson and around 30 reviews about some of their special events and shows.
It’s time now to the Angels to come and sing their famous song « Marseille » (written in 78) IN Marseille !! Hoping some help from the sky will accompagn our efforts to meet each other in person soon !!

#83 The Angels reunited and on the road again : Interview with Buzz Bidstrup about this reunion with Doc Neeson, their Australia tour 2008, the Bon Scott Celebration Concert, the Jimmy Little Foundation and more…

THE ANGELS are touring Australia right now with ALL the original members : Chris Bailey (bass), Buzz Bidstrup (drums), John and Rick Brewster (guitars) and Doc Neeson (vocals).

The Angels during their Australian tour 2008 (pics from Craig Peihopa sent by Cat Swinton : thank you !)

I recorded that interview with Buzz in May and we spoke about many things (it was such a long time !!) : from the Aussie Rock Celebration Concert – Unveiling the Statue of Bon Scott 2008, to the Sorry Day, the Jimmy Little Foundation, the arrival of a new government in Australia, the long way to reunite the Angels again, the new release of « Face to face » for the tour, the performances’ concept (we even spoke about Ed Kuepper !!), the ideas to play oversea and…Marseille !!
I played a lot of famous songs excerpts to illustrate this friendly conversation : « I can’t shake it, Waiting for the world, No exit, Out of the blues, Long Line, Marseille !!

Buzz organizer at the Bon Scott Concert 2008, drummer with the original Angels band and the Party Boys ! Bon Scott’s statue (pics Errol Laggner).

Meltingpod Connections
If you want to hear and read my first connection with the Angels, check my first true podcast in March 2005 with Buzz’s first e-mail who reacted on Meltingpod !!! This podcast was in fact just a joke to reply to my friend Michael Butler who lauched the Rock and Roll Geek Show from San Francisco a few months before…who knew at that moment (where I couldn’t say one word in English !!) it could lead me to such a long trip…:)
I ranged in the category section of this blog under « the Angels (aka Angels city) all my reviews or podcasts about or with the Angels’ interviews or songs for more than three years now.
At least and again this nice little video sent by a fan Grant from the Goldcoast in May 2007 with Buzz playing drums but without the sound…:)

Rose Tattoo in European tour and The Angels reunited with Doc Neeson starting their Australian tour TODAY !!!

Great Live performance at Paris June 30th from ROSE TATTOO IN EUROPEAN TOUR !! The venue was not big but the audience was very hot !

Thanks Angry for the interview and Clarcky (the sound engineer) for my first lesson at the desk !!
Don’t miss their last shows in Germany, Holland, Netherlands, Portugal to finish in Spain July 12th !!
More pics with the Tatts at Paris and Angry’s interview coming soon but chronologically I will start by publishing the interview I recorded with Buzz Bidstrup last May just after Doc Neeson about THE ANGELS REUNITED and more…
The Angels are starting their AUSTRALIAN TOUR TODAY until August 2sd…together again after 27 years …check their NEW WEBSITE !!
with a nice video here to share this pleasure with you oversea !!

Watch how they look all great…ah ! Doc, Buzz you look so happy…I’m so happy with you even…from Marseille !!!

#79 Doc Neeson’s interview about his attitude in the life and on stage Podcast Part 2 : 30 mn

Doc Neeson in that interview part 2 spoke about his life experience after his car accident, his way to recover the energy to jump on stage again, his attitude as a frontman not far away from a chaman…

a true pleasure to hear his voice giving all the time a very sincere point of view as a musician and as a human person. I don’t know if my voice is seductive but his voice is terribly addictive…:)
I played a lot of live extracts recorded in 1980 at Paris and in Australia with the Angels’ original members : Chris Bailey, Buzz Bidstrup, Doc Neeson, Rick and John Brewster…at least REUNITED !!

« Marseille » Live at Narara in 1983
(Brent Eccles on the drums; Jim Hilburn at the bass)

Doc Neeson’s famous blue eyes at Marseille (montage from my Angels’ French connection : Thanks Christophe !!)

#78 Doc Neeson’s interview about his reunion with The Angels’ original members, their next Australian tour in July 2008 and more…
Podcast part 1 : 25 mn

At least Doc Neeson gave me an interview for Meltingpod !! He was the last original Angels I was expecting for more than three years now to complete « my family » (thanks to Buzz Bidstrup who made that connection possible !!!).


The news are great : The Angels (aka Angels city) finally fixed their legal problems with names, companies and…reunited for the fans’ pleasure and I can imagine for their own pleasure too !
Doc announced the Angels’ next Australian tour in July 2008, maybe an European tour in 2009, tried to comfort me right now alone at Marseille singing « a capella » a song for me, looking for a way with me to find money with Meltingpod and be able to join quickly the Angels in Australia…an incredible phone meeting placed under the sign « high seduction » but very friendly and warm-hearted too !
We spoke more than 1,5 hour with Doc so I will publish the podcast in two parts. Enjoy the first one !

The Angels at Paris in 1981 (pics J.Y.Legras), maybe soon back !!
L : Chris, Buzz, Doc, Rick and John; R : John, Doc,Rick, Buzz and Chris

Just after this nice conversation with Doc I called Buzz just after that during 1,5 hour too !! A happy day for me as you can imagine !!
We obviously spoke about the Angels’ reunion, then about the Bon Scott Concert, the Jimmy Little Foundation…so many news after such a long separation…:) I can just say : stay connected on Meltingpod if you like the Angels !!

6/02/08 Meltingpics Retrospective 2007 : The Lords of the New Church in England, Rose Tattoo in Germany, GANGgajang and the Rock and Roll Heaven in Australia !!

I got a lot of pictures from my listeners in 2007 and I promised to choose some of them to publish on Meltingpod : so you could appreciate the work of some of these great passionated rock photographers :
Sandra Smith a French woman who made the trip to London October 31th to see one of her favorite bands : The Lords of the New Church with :
Dave Tregunna at the bass, Adam Becvare at the guitar and vocals,
Brian James at the guitar and Toby Vishram on the drums

Then Helene Keller (Helik) a German woman who took such beautiful pics from Rose Tattoo at Postdam (near Berlin) July 27th :
Geordie Leach and Angry Anderson, Paul De Marco, Mick Cocks

At least Errol Laggner an Australian man who had the privilege to be at the big rock event scheduled December 15th at Wollongong in Australia « Rock and Roll Heaven » with a lot of the greatest Aussie rock bands like Rose Tattoo, the Angelsband, The Screaming Jets, Choirboys, GANGgajang, The Radiators, Party Boys playing together raising money to build the Dunn & Lewis Memorial Youth Centre; Errol sent me many many pics but I haven’t a pics gallery on this blog and I just chose GANGgajang a band I interviewed without having recent live pics to illustrate my last podcast with :
Geoff Stapleton, Mark Callaghan, Robert James, Chris Bailey and…Buzz Bidstrup ! + a part of this great line-up at the Rock and Roll Heaven with :

Geoff Stapleton, Robert James, Rick Brewster, (John’s son, Tom Brewster who replaced Buzz on the drums with the Angelsband : Buzz played with GANGgajang and the Party Boys on that show), Kevin Borich, John Brewster, Daï Pritchard, Dave Gleeson, Angry Anderson and Buzz !!
A great emotion watching that pic and thinking I did interviews with almost all these musicians the last three years thank to Buzz…:)
So thank you again Sandra, Helene and Errol and thank to you all who sent me your pics or comments the whole last year and actively participated to the Meltingpod’s life !!

#76 CaVe CaNeM and Yolka from Marseille, Lars Wallin from Sweden, Buffalo from Australia : a good Meltingpod to start 2008 full of energy !!

To listen to the podcast (mp3 20′)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

CaVe CaNeM (Fred & Julien) Lars Wallin & his live band (ph. bands websites)

At least fresh news from the rock bands at Marseille after a whole year speaking only about Australia !! I know a lot of listeners found my choice not well-balanced so this year 2008 I will try to honour my reputation of the first French-Australian rock podcast but I will try to record more live shows in my town or around the world who knows ?
In this podcast we start with CaVe CaNeM a new band from Marseille with Fred De Benedetti (guitar vocals) and Julien Lemonnier (tenor sax vocals), both programming their computer (the third member on stage !!) with two songs : « Chez les parents de Cécile » and Fast car ». I got their promo album after their live incredible show at the machine à coudre last Friday; they recorded it in one day, at the first take : everything is « home made » !!!
The way I love the music and the musicians !!
You can order their first 6 songs at : cavecanemprod(at)

CaVe CaNeM’s promo album : self-made by cavecanemprod !!

Through the same way Yolka another new band from Marseille is writting and recording song by song (they got two) at home with Pascal Ferrari at the guitar (+ computer) and Karolina at the vocals (in Polish); I played their last song Zima and I can’t wait to listen to the new ones !
Then Lars Wallin from Udevalla-Sweden who just released his first album « Bangardi Pogo »: I chose his song « On the road to Maningrida »…a road I hope to take one day myself (with him ?) in the Northern Territories in Australia to meet his aboriginal friends. He recorded the album at the first take too in 6 hours + a little bit bass, guitar, handclaps and cajun drum added in the studio at the end. Emotion guaranteed !
Then « Dune Messiah » : a song from Buffalo a famous Australian band from the seventies with Dave Tice at the vocals, John Baxter at the guitar, Pete Wells at the bass (who later formed Rose Tattoo) and Jimmy Economou on the drums; you could find it in their album released in 74 freshly called : « Only want you for your body » !!
Thanks to Michael from “Sittin in a bar in Adelaïde” for his greetings to me from Australia with the Angels (John Brewster and Chris Bailey) !!

Buffalo in 74 (Left to Right : Dave Tice, Pete Wells, John Baxter and Jimmy Economou) Yolka (ph : bands websites)

BTW : More about Pascal Ferrari in THIS PODCAST I recorded with him in May 2005 as well about Lars Wallin with THAT PODCAST recorded in November 2005 and you could also find Fred De Benedetti with his other band Kill the thrill in THIS PODCAST recorded in June 2005 : you could follow the evolution of these musicians and my progress in English…:)
A last word : Don’t hesitate to SUPPORT THE INDEPENDANT MUSIC/PODCAST IN SELF PRODUCTION !! It’s our future !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Update January 21th : TRUST is announcing a FRENCH TOUR 2008 with 17 shows and more to be confirmed soon !!

Podcast Info : Here is Dave Tice’s e-mail about the song Dune Messiah :
Hi Annie,
I’ve attached an MP3 of ‘Dune Messiah’ hope you get it OK.
The song is inspired by Frank Herbert’s book of the same name, … Continuer la lecture de #76 CaVe CaNeM and Yolka from Marseille, Lars Wallin from Sweden, Buffalo from Australia : a good Meltingpod to start 2008 full of energy !!

#73 GANGgajang singing for Meltingpod before jumping on stage at Perth Western Australia !!

To listen to the interview with GANGgajang (mp3 30′)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

GANGgajang introducing their production to the world !

GANGgajang is an Australian band formed in 1984 which is in fact for me Buzz Bidstrup’s family and friends. This GANG is a collective of creative individualities who are all active in different areas the whole year and who join each other sometimes for a tour or some shows : it’s maybe the secret of their long friendship and the fact the band still is alive and happy together right now !
I recorded that « interview » last February 2007 on Buzz’s mobile so the sound quality is not perfect but I hope you will have fun to listen to it. They were heading a show at Perth Western Australia and they spoke to me just before jumping on stage so they are all very excited !!
Special guests : I opened the show with Buzz’son DJ Climax ended with Buzz’s wife Kay who sang in the band with her sister Marylin in the earlier days and I play a song from my friend Ed Kuepper « the way I made you feel » to thank MELTINGWORLDS‘s first happy donators who are all Ed’s and Saints’ fans and I hope surely now will become GANGgajang’s fans too !
At the end an extract of the Pig City Concert at Brisbane July 14th with the Riptides a band formed with a lot of GANGgajang‘s members.

GANGgajang serious on the beach… cold in Australia ?…:) Left to right : Robert James, Geoff Stapleton, Buzz Bidstrup, Mark Callaghan, Chris Bailey.

After this first connection, I thought to record a lot of individuals interviews later but Buzz as you know is the Bon Scott Celebration Concert‘s artistic director and after their successfull performance in February 2007, the CD’s launch last October, he is organizing right now the new show February 24th 2008 to erect the statue for Bon Scott with the collected money. If I add for the new listeners Buzz is also the co-director of the Jimmy Little Foundation who worked to give an healthier future for the Indignous Australians and was the whole year the Angels‘ and Party Boys’ drummer…you know what I mean… there never was enough free time for him to do something more with me than this podcast. Maybe later…who knows ?
Anyway I recommand to you to try to order their DVD about more than 20 years with videos, interviews, their very successfull tour to Brazil…it’s a true pleasure to watch them making music in this ambience of family.

01/11/07 The Meltingirls world connection around the Aussie rockers : The Angels band, the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’ Launch, Rose Tattoo’s last tours…on stage, backstage !!

What would ROCK AND ROLL be without THE GIRLS ???!!! Every rockers I interviewed for the Woman Show (what’s the best part being a rocker?) told me first the music on stage is their life and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but it’s rare if two minutes later (maybe one ??) they didn’t mention THE GIRLS !! Yes, Girls can be exciting groupies, faithful fans and friends but photographers and reporters too, often very talentuous (some of them even are podcasters now !!). So today I chose to publish with their agreement the work from some of them who shared with me their emotion in front of the stage or backstage during these last days or months (click to enlarge the pictures)…Enjoy !! It’s just a beginning because…

John Brewster, Buzz Bidstrup, Rick Brewster from The Angels band at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’s launch at Perth Western Australia October 19th 2007 (photos from Clair)

Angry Anderson, Daï Pritchard, Mick Cocks, Paul DeMarco from Rose Tattoo at Postdam Germany August 2007. Bravo and thanks Helene for these SUPERBE photos, ones of the best I ever saw from the Tatts !! (more Helene’s pics on Rose Tattoo’s website’s gallery)

Darrel The Angels band‘s tour manager who came to Marseille last January) and Clair at the BSCC CD’s launch; Brenda with Mick and Daï at Brisbane Queensland (Tatts’ last show after their Australian tour with Motörhead) October 20th (Brenda : « as Nathan from « The Driving Conditions » took the picture of myself with Mick and Dai, Mick said  » hi Annie !! »cool ! hi Mick…:)

Now do you want to live the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’s launch at Perth with Clair ?? here a detailled report she sent me…not a classic review but just a message quickly written to share her first emotion after the show. She accepted to share it with you : I hope you will appreciate her walk that night !
From: partywithclair Date: 22 Oct 2007, 09:48 PM
« What a night!!! Just thought I would let you know how it went for me.
We got into the show about 1 hour or so after it opened. Missed the first band Hells Bells which I would have really liked to have seen. But it was impossible to get there any earlier. Then, on came the Party Boys… Continuer la lecture de 01/11/07 The Meltingirls world connection around the Aussie rockers : The Angels band, the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’ Launch, Rose Tattoo’s last tours…on stage, backstage !!

7/10/07 Meltingpod and the Aussie boys : a long love rock story now !! is a new website introducing all the Aussie hard rock bands who played the Bon Scott Celebration Concert in February 2007 : you could find there a lot of information about the bands, live photos, extracts of live videos (including the Angels band : Marseille and Am I ever gonna see your face again, Rose Tattoo : Man about town, The Party Boys with Dave Evans (AC/DC’s first singer) : Baby please don’t go and more…+ the possibility to order the CD from the concert which will be launched with a great rock show October 19th 2007 at Perth (The Metro) with the Angels band, the Party Boys including two AC/DC’s ex-members Dave Evans and Mark Evans, AC/DC tribute bands 21 Guns and Hell Bells ! Another show is scheduled October 21 th at Claremont with the Angels and 21 Guns.
Check them on too !

Sometimes I have the feeling I live myself in Australia (a lot of people think that too !!) and I ask myself if Meltingpod is not becoming an Australian rock podcast !!! I know there are many months I only spoke about them, I try to resist to the attraction but they are too charming…look how these Aussie rockers are elegant and gallant to give me now the first place above such famous bands on their links page !!

What can I do ?… I will try to stay an authentic woman from Marseille giving news from my town but I think the direction is taken to integrate regurlarly the Australian rock news in my blog and podcasts with the help of so many Australian listeners and Meltingpod’s friends. I hope you will appreciate it. If not let me know.
So some news about the Angels band who always want to come to Marseille (you can click on the link to ask them in your town too) and a nice pic sent by Dave Evans himself at one of his last show in Texas !


Meltingpod Connections Update October 10th
Today I thought I need to live again in my town, not only through the internet most of the time in Australia and who is coming to Marseille tonight ?? Steve Tallis a musician from Perth Western Australia !!! He is playing at l’Intermédiaire (Place Jean Jaurès) around 10:30 pm; I « met » Steve one year ago on myspace and if he is here today it’s not a real coincidence as you can imagine…:) If you live in the town come to the show !!! Steve is fantastic !!And I spoke again about Australia…:)

18/08/07 Marseille from the Angels Video Live 2007 at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert !!


This video will be included in a DVD released this year but « first a CD launch about The Bon Scott Celebration Concert is set for the weekend commencing Friday 19 October at Metro City Perth. The Party Boys and The Angels will be co-headline on that night. A classic Sunday session will be held at the Claremont Football club on Sunday 21 October at 3.00pm featuring the Angels and support band.
The Party Boys line up for October 19 playing Bon era AC/DC classics and their own hits is:
Kevin Borich – Australia’s greatest rock guitarist!
Buzz Bidstrup – The Angels
Dave Gleeson – Screaming Jets
Alan Lancaster – Status Quo
Randall Waller – Shania Twain Band
Paul Christie – Mondo Rock
Vince Lovegrove – The Valentines with Bon Scott ».

Not useful to say I would like to be there…I hope you remember or have to listen to my PODCASTS ABOUT THE BON SCOTT CELEBRATION CONCERT recorded with Buzz Bidstrup organizing that big event and then during the show and rehearsals with his Australian rock stars friends !!!

Update Sunday 19th : The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s NEW WEBSITE SALUTING BON SCOTT is launched !! Hey CHECK THE LINKS PAGE !!!!

Meltingpod Connections :
For Doc Neeson’s fans here some interesting infos about :
his new band Doc Neeson’s Angels,
his Australian tour dates on myspace,
an interview (audio + slide show) recorded by Parramatta Sun
and a review from Acoustic Series : Thanks Michael Pursche for the links !!
Update August 31th : a very cool review from Sue in the comments here about Doc Neeson ‘s current Australian tour !! Check it ! Thanks Sue !!

8/07/07 Buzz Bidstrup the Angels’ drummer greeting Meltingpod today from Australia !!

Buzz Bidstrup the Angels’ drummer at a show in Australia, Gold Coast Queensland July 8 th, in fact today !!
Grant an Angels’ Tatts’ and Meltingpod’s fan took that superbe pic telling Buzz it will be for me : cool !!!! I love these Australian rockers, I hope you understand why now.

Meltingpod Connection (update July 9th) :
9 July 1946, Ronald Belford (Bon) Scott was born in the Roods Kirriemuir Scotland, 61 today…a thought to the Ultimate Fan from North of France!!