18/08/07 Marseille from the Angels Video Live 2007 at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert !!


This video will be included in a DVD released this year but « first a CD launch about The Bon Scott Celebration Concert is set for the weekend commencing Friday 19 October at Metro City Perth. The Party Boys and The Angels will be co-headline on that night. A classic Sunday session will be held at the Claremont Football club on Sunday 21 October at 3.00pm featuring the Angels and support band.
The Party Boys line up for October 19 playing Bon era AC/DC classics and their own hits is:
Kevin Borich – Australia’s greatest rock guitarist!
Buzz Bidstrup – The Angels
Dave Gleeson – Screaming Jets
Alan Lancaster – Status Quo
Randall Waller – Shania Twain Band
Paul Christie – Mondo Rock
Vince Lovegrove – The Valentines with Bon Scott ».

Not useful to say I would like to be there…I hope you remember or have to listen to my PODCASTS ABOUT THE BON SCOTT CELEBRATION CONCERT recorded with Buzz Bidstrup organizing that big event and then during the show and rehearsals with his Australian rock stars friends !!!

Update Sunday 19th : The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s NEW WEBSITE SALUTING BON SCOTT is launched !! Hey CHECK THE LINKS PAGE !!!!

Meltingpod Connections :
For Doc Neeson’s fans here some interesting infos about :
his new band Doc Neeson’s Angels,
his Australian tour dates on myspace,
an interview (audio + slide show) recorded by Parramatta Sun
and a review from Acoustic Series : Thanks Michael Pursche for the links !!
Update August 31th : a very cool review from Sue in the comments here about Doc Neeson ‘s current Australian tour !! Check it ! Thanks Sue !!

17/08/07 The Saints at the Australian Television tomorrow August 18th 2007 !!

Documentary about the Saints at the Australian Television SBS Saturday August 18th at 08:30 pm !! Great Australian Albums will introduce « with never-before-seen live footage, interviews, photographs and artwork The Saints’ first single « (I’m) Stranded » which burst out of Brisbane, Australia in 1976 as one of the landmark recordings in the punk rock revolution that changed music forever. »

The Saints – telephones

« In the mid-1970s, Queensland was under the thumb of a corrupt, politically repressive government, and the number one enemy of the state was youth. Singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper met and bonded over a love of music. The Saints brand of loud rock was shunned, so the group took it upon themselves to record their first single. Within weeks, they were the darlings of the international music press. EMI records in London signed the band – the first time an Australian artist had been approached. The Saints were in London at the epicentre of the punk revolution. The group’s individualistic, Australian scepticism alienated them from the fashion-conscious punk rock scene and the band imploded.(From Australia, in English) (Documentary Series) M (L) CC ».

12/08/07 Meltingpod connected by the Australian rock bloggers’ community + The Guardian

I’m always in late with that but I found today a cool link to Meltingpod in an Australian blog about rock : Thanks to Mark from Ausrock ! It’s a pleasure to be connected with the Australian rock bloggers community !! BTW : Check the superbe site Mark created for Heaven a band where Mick Cocks (Tatts’ guitarist) played between 82 and 84.

(click on the pic to enlarge and read the review)

I said in late because one day I was very proud to find a review about Meltingpod in The Guardian, the famous English newspaper but at the moment to re-post it here, I saw it was written 1 year ago !! The review said something like : Marseille rocker rebel Annie Viglielmo, the self-proclaimed « first lady of French podcasting », at meltingpod.com…yes , self proclaimed because I know I was the first woman to have started a podcast in France, easy…:) now I’m often the first one with my work…try to type « Rose Tattoo interview » (without linking the three words) on Google.com !!! Then the Guardian’s people ???…:)