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June 9th 2009 AC/DC Live in Marseille a town who shows rock and roll is not dead in France !! Live interview with Angus…no, it’s a joke !

I had no photo pass, got no interview with Angus Young, sorry but with an invitation in the pocket, dressed in black with my Tatts shirt I was ready to front the big stadium Velodrome in Marseille and welcome these Australian rockers in our town with 50 000 fans !! Who said rock and roll is dead in France !! The biggest moment for me was surely AC/DC‘s entrance on stage; watch this video thanks to a fan : Sex and Rock and Roll…train !!

Obviously there was a locomotive on stage, later a giant plastic Whole Lotta Rosie who rided on it, some excited girls in bra in the audience appeared shortly in the giant screens to cheers of the crowd, then Angus made his own striptease showing us at the end just his tagged underpants,


I danced like a crazy when I heard one of my favorite songs « Shot down in flames » but around me the people looked at me like a Martian…most of them only knew the last album…yeah the true fans were in front of the stage but the security guards didn’t allow me to join them. What can I say : I missed Bon Scott all the time but the Young brothers didn’t disappoint me, Angus was the devil incarnated all the time, even after a 15 mn solo in the middle of the stadium he kept giving and spreading his incredible energy in the show and in the music until the extreme limit.


Brian Johnson made his best though : « It’s rock and roll Marseille » and the public wearing thousands brighting red hornes on the head shouted : « Yeah » !! The band answered with an explosive cocktail : TNT, Highway to Hell, For those about to rock…we salute you !! and Firework !


A great rock and roll show in the tradition : it was the first time I saw AC/DC, I was happy to be there that night. Thanks to my sponsor and to my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveInMarseille for the nice pics !!
Still a little video for the end ? Angus’ strip tease ?…:) Ok, here you go :

By the way if you want to hear a very special and seducing version from Highway to Hell, listen to the one from Ed Kuepper !! For info, Ed is playing guitar with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and touring Europe in a couple of days from June 12th to July 19th ! Try to cross their road if you can !

#87 The French band Trust in European tour 2008 Live interview in Marseille with Norbert Krief aka Nono the guitarist !!

Norbert Krief aka Nono, guitarist and founding member of the French band TRUST in 77, accepted to give me an interview when they played in Marseille on October 10th during their European tour 2008.

Trust in Marseille : Nono (guitar), Bernie (vocals), Farid (drums) and a wonderful lightshow but pretty hard to take good pics in three songs !

Nono was enough kind to answered to my questions in English for being understable by my listeners and all their fans around the world even if it was not easy for us both to really express ourselves in a foreign language. I hope you will appreciate the performance !! We spoke about their new album « 13 à table », the critique about our society and politics’ drifts or failures in their lyrics (even if Bernie is the master, he was not free for the interview), the evolution of their music (Nono writes the melodies),

Nono, Bernie, Deck (DJ), Vivi (guitar) and Iso (bass) in action !

…their world reputation in the hard rock scene (cf. the American band Anthrax covering « Antisocial » in English), even if they just considered themselves as a rock band, their friendship with the Australian bands Rose Tattoo and AC/DC and I illustrate the interview with some excerpts of their new album as well as some good old songs which crossed and touched all the generations during 30 years.

no break and the audience is crazy, sang all a long the show (at the fire front Nono 55 a big fan came from the East of France)

19/02/08 Thoughts to Bon Scott from France to Australia : Trust playing Your Final Act and the Bon Scott Celebration Concert 2008 at Fremantle

Bernie Bonvoisin from TRUST singing Your final act : « (I wish I had been there) I wouldn’t have left you…I would have kept you warm…this man was my friend…he was called Bon Scott ! »
A lot of people surely thought the same thing than Bernie since that day of February 19th 1980 where Bon Scott died alone abandoned unconscious in a car during a very freezing night in London, far away from home.
I know it gave the energy to my friend Buzz Bidstrup to organize as artistic director this big event the Aussie Rockers Saluting Bon Scott at Fremantle (where Bon is burried) reuniting a lot of Bon’s friends and fans for a concert last year and raising the money to erect a statue to Bon there. In a few days February 24th they will unveil the statue and will give a second show around « him » ! More details about the line-up HERE !
A new interview will be recorded with Buzz…soon !
I specially dedicate these pics taken at the Trust’s show at Istres last December to Arnaud « Bon Scott Rawpower » (Bon Scott Ultimate Fan from North of France…:) who devoted a big part of his time to honor Bon’s memory and share his passion for AC/DC with Ben in this fantastic website : Back in Black and their new webzine Can’t stop AC/DC.

Meltingpod Connections :
Happy to read other French people in the TRUST FORUM thought to Bon today. A link for you with Buzz’s last interview in 2007 about the show at Fremantle and his personal memories with Bon !! and to the others Australian rock stars’ interviews (AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo…) recorded during the show (in English sorry…:)

01/11/07 The Meltingirls world connection around the Aussie rockers : The Angels band, the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’ Launch, Rose Tattoo’s last tours…on stage, backstage !!

What would ROCK AND ROLL be without THE GIRLS ???!!! Every rockers I interviewed for the Woman Show (what’s the best part being a rocker?) told me first the music on stage is their life and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but it’s rare if two minutes later (maybe one ??) they didn’t mention THE GIRLS !! Yes, Girls can be exciting groupies, faithful fans and friends but photographers and reporters too, often very talentuous (some of them even are podcasters now !!). So today I chose to publish with their agreement the work from some of them who shared with me their emotion in front of the stage or backstage during these last days or months (click to enlarge the pictures)…Enjoy !! It’s just a beginning because…

John Brewster, Buzz Bidstrup, Rick Brewster from The Angels band at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’s launch at Perth Western Australia October 19th 2007 (photos from Clair)

Angry Anderson, Daï Pritchard, Mick Cocks, Paul DeMarco from Rose Tattoo at Postdam Germany August 2007. Bravo and thanks Helene for these SUPERBE photos, ones of the best I ever saw from the Tatts !! (more Helene’s pics on Rose Tattoo’s website’s gallery)

Darrel The Angels band‘s tour manager who came to Marseille last January) and Clair at the BSCC CD’s launch; Brenda with Mick and Daï at Brisbane Queensland (Tatts’ last show after their Australian tour with Motörhead) October 20th (Brenda : « as Nathan from « The Driving Conditions » took the picture of myself with Mick and Dai, Mick said  » hi Annie !! »cool ! hi Mick…:)

Now do you want to live the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’s launch at Perth with Clair ?? here a detailled report she sent me…not a classic review but just a message quickly written to share her first emotion after the show. She accepted to share it with you : I hope you will appreciate her walk that night !
From: partywithclair Date: 22 Oct 2007, 09:48 PM
« What a night!!! Just thought I would let you know how it went for me.
We got into the show about 1 hour or so after it opened. Missed the first band Hells Bells which I would have really liked to have seen. But it was impossible to get there any earlier. Then, on came the Party Boys… Continuer la lecture de 01/11/07 The Meltingirls world connection around the Aussie rockers : The Angels band, the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD’ Launch, Rose Tattoo’s last tours…on stage, backstage !!

7/10/07 Meltingpod and the Aussie boys : a long love rock story now !! is a new website introducing all the Aussie hard rock bands who played the Bon Scott Celebration Concert in February 2007 : you could find there a lot of information about the bands, live photos, extracts of live videos (including the Angels band : Marseille and Am I ever gonna see your face again, Rose Tattoo : Man about town, The Party Boys with Dave Evans (AC/DC’s first singer) : Baby please don’t go and more…+ the possibility to order the CD from the concert which will be launched with a great rock show October 19th 2007 at Perth (The Metro) with the Angels band, the Party Boys including two AC/DC’s ex-members Dave Evans and Mark Evans, AC/DC tribute bands 21 Guns and Hell Bells ! Another show is scheduled October 21 th at Claremont with the Angels and 21 Guns.
Check them on too !

Sometimes I have the feeling I live myself in Australia (a lot of people think that too !!) and I ask myself if Meltingpod is not becoming an Australian rock podcast !!! I know there are many months I only spoke about them, I try to resist to the attraction but they are too charming…look how these Aussie rockers are elegant and gallant to give me now the first place above such famous bands on their links page !!

What can I do ?… I will try to stay an authentic woman from Marseille giving news from my town but I think the direction is taken to integrate regurlarly the Australian rock news in my blog and podcasts with the help of so many Australian listeners and Meltingpod’s friends. I hope you will appreciate it. If not let me know.
So some news about the Angels band who always want to come to Marseille (you can click on the link to ask them in your town too) and a nice pic sent by Dave Evans himself at one of his last show in Texas !


Meltingpod Connections Update October 10th
Today I thought I need to live again in my town, not only through the internet most of the time in Australia and who is coming to Marseille tonight ?? Steve Tallis a musician from Perth Western Australia !!! He is playing at l’Intermédiaire (Place Jean Jaurès) around 10:30 pm; I « met » Steve one year ago on myspace and if he is here today it’s not a real coincidence as you can imagine…:) If you live in the town come to the show !!! Steve is fantastic !!And I spoke again about Australia…:)

18/08/07 Marseille from the Angels Video Live 2007 at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert !!


This video will be included in a DVD released this year but « first a CD launch about The Bon Scott Celebration Concert is set for the weekend commencing Friday 19 October at Metro City Perth. The Party Boys and The Angels will be co-headline on that night. A classic Sunday session will be held at the Claremont Football club on Sunday 21 October at 3.00pm featuring the Angels and support band.
The Party Boys line up for October 19 playing Bon era AC/DC classics and their own hits is:
Kevin Borich – Australia’s greatest rock guitarist!
Buzz Bidstrup – The Angels
Dave Gleeson – Screaming Jets
Alan Lancaster – Status Quo
Randall Waller – Shania Twain Band
Paul Christie – Mondo Rock
Vince Lovegrove – The Valentines with Bon Scott ».

Not useful to say I would like to be there…I hope you remember or have to listen to my PODCASTS ABOUT THE BON SCOTT CELEBRATION CONCERT recorded with Buzz Bidstrup organizing that big event and then during the show and rehearsals with his Australian rock stars friends !!!

Update Sunday 19th : The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s NEW WEBSITE SALUTING BON SCOTT is launched !! Hey CHECK THE LINKS PAGE !!!!

Meltingpod Connections :
For Doc Neeson’s fans here some interesting infos about :
his new band Doc Neeson’s Angels,
his Australian tour dates on myspace,
an interview (audio + slide show) recorded by Parramatta Sun
and a review from Acoustic Series : Thanks Michael Pursche for the links !!
Update August 31th : a very cool review from Sue in the comments here about Doc Neeson ‘s current Australian tour !! Check it ! Thanks Sue !!

#68 Rose Tattoo European Tour 2007 : Live interview with the singer Angry Anderson – Part 1

To listen to the interview with Angry Anderson Part 1 (mp3 : 35 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Rose Tattoo at Lyon-France April 2007 : Angry telling true stories in his songs and with Daï in fusion with their audience !

Angry Anderson, Rose Tattoo‘s singer for me alone in the backstages during 1:30 hour, hey !! I propose to you to listen to our passionated conversation, in three parts around 30 minutes each. In this first part we started with a « family story » speaking about The Easybeats‘ two guitar players, George Young and Harry Vanda and their talentuous work at Albert Production‘s recording studio with Rose Tattoo and the three others very famous Australian bands AC/DC, The Angels and The Choirboys.
Then we spoke with Angry about his work as songwriter and some of his conversations with Bon Scott, the necessity of the tattoos, the reasons of his violence on stage with the band at their debut…
I opened the show with « Man about town » and some some short extracts from « Sleeping away » two songs from their last album « Blood Brothers » and « Scarred for life » for illustrating by moment the interview.
You can buy « Blood Brothers » on their label Armageddon Music‘s website or hear some extracts and buy song by song on line on Hardy TV.
I hope you didn’t miss Mick Cocks’ interview in the Meltingpod #64 !

Meltingpod Connections :
Angry and Mick (great pics from Stefan Tatts’ German fan)
I encourage you to have a look sometimes on Myspace/Meltingpod which became very dynamic !! It’s another way to communicate around the music.

The Anarchists Federation’s radio called Radio LIbertaire loves Meltingpod !! Last Friday Eric the host of the music show « Place to the fools » promoted my podcasts with Rose Tattoo and played a song from Ed Kuepper to announce my next podcast with him soon !! He will air June 29th my entire show with Nonstop recorded on Meltingtalks for the Eurockeennes last year ! Thanks for that help Eric, it’s very cool for me and the artists !

1/06/07 Australian rock’s bands and fans love Meltingpod and Meltingpod loves you !

Click to enlarge the pics or to visit the different websites

Thanks to the Angels my first supporters with my Angels French Connection aka Hamsteratomique and French Metallian, both webmasters for sites dedicated to the Angels and Doc Neeson (The Angels ex-singer), then AC/DC‘s former lead singer Dave Evans who gave me a fantastic place to promote my podcasts on his myspace website and recently thanks to Ben who manages AC/DC Back in Black, a French website devoted to AC/DC helped by Arnaud aka Bon Scott Rawpower (Bon Scott Ultimate Fan) who keeps alive Bon’s memory on a very nice page on myspace too : both welcome me friendly on their sites with a lot of links to my podcasts about the Bon Scott Celebration Concert or Dave Evans’ interview; Still a mention to Ben Popp who proposed many times to spread Meltingpod news on his webmagazine : Thanks for all these links and friendly attitude, so precious for Meltingpod’s life and presence on the internet.
Update June 4th : Hey I’m on the Tatts’ official website’s homepage too ! Thanks to the band and Herko ! Last news : Steve King left the band and Geordie Leach will play the bass again; good luck to both !

Meltingpod Connections :
News from the Bon Scott Celebration Concert : Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels) and Dave Evans on the Australian TV show !! (thanks Glenn for the link !) Read the review and watch the video-report clicking on the pics below :
Bon Scott’s statue will be paid and the foundation SAL (Support Act Limited) got a 50 000$ cheque to help musicians; bravo Buzz !!

#65 AC/DC’s former lead singer Dave Evans : a badasse rock interview !!

To listen to the podcast with Dave Evans’ interview (mp3 : 45 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Dave Evans with AC/DC on stage (pic Philip Morris) and travelling in the truck in 1974 (Peter Clack, Dave Evans, Malcolm Young, Angus Young & Rob Bailey); Dave on stage with the Badasses in 2007 (pics Dave’ website)

AC/DC‘s former lead singer Dave Evans accepted after our short conversation during the Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Fremantle in Australia, a longer phone interview to share with us some personal stories about the greatest hard rock and roll band in the world aka AC/DC at his debut, his wild and hedonistic memories with Rabbit and his current projects with the Badasses : Enjoy some extracts from AC/DC’s very first single and Dave Evans’ last album Sinner; don’t forget to play the podcast…LOUD !

#62 Meltingpod podcasts second anniversary !!

To listen to this fantastic podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 25 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Dave Evans, Aggravation (Marseille) and ISP (Valence); pics from their sites

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s former lead singer) sings for Meltingpod podcast second anniversary and I offer to you for that special event (and international day for the women !!) a flash back to the Saints Live in 2005 and a podcast recorded live a few weeks ago with a bunch of local punk rock bands (Les Sweet Children, I.S.P., Aggravation) who gave (with Menpenti and the Hatepinks soon here again) a concert to support our famous club « La Machine à Coudre » (the sewing machine) at Marseille ! Enjoy the ambience, like usual wet (imagine !) crazy and loud !
At the end a special dedication from Bertrand Lenotre one of the first French podcasters with me at the beginning of the year 2005 : we just were 5 or 6 at that period in France and I was the first female podcaster, YEAH !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Cool to be in The Angels’ new website’s homepage with such nice words !

Nice to be in the same time in No Exit, Doc Neeson’s friends’ new website ! thanks to you both ! The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s website is giving the first live pics (N. Bailey) on line ! Two at random : Dave and Buzz !
It miss the sooouuunnnnddd !!!…:)
Update March 12th :

Thanks to for this review in their cool French webmagazine !!
Update March 25th :
a new (low-fi quality!!) video but with the Angels on stage !!

#61 Bon Scott Celebration Concert backstages with the Party Boys (AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo…) and more !

To listen to the interviews on the audio file (mp3 : 20 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

70’s pics : Mark Evans and Dave Evans (AC/DC era), Kevin Borich

Today is Meltingpod blog second anniversary and I invite you backstages at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert where musicians and fans met at Fremantle-Western Australia to celebrate three days long Bon Scott’s life and music. Buzz Bidstrup, the event’s organizer and The Angels ‘drummer, plays also in a band called the Party Boys.
I called Buzz the Saturday night just before the Party Boys’rehearsal and he introduced me to his friends around : Mark Evans (AC/DC’s bassist – Bon Scott’s era), Alan Lancaster (Status Quo’s former bassist) Dave Evans (AC/DC’s original singer) Kevin Borich and Mick Cocks (Rose Tattoo‘s former guitarist)…a funny phone conversation ! The Sunday during the concert I called Clair singer in a girl band, the Sure-Fire Midnights (one the four young rock bands invited to share the stage), very excited just after their performance in the afternoon. Later in the night after 7 hours music with ten bands playing in front of over 10 000 people, I called Darrel, the Angels’ tour manager and we shared the last seconds of the music on stage…the Scottish bagpipes !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update March 3rd :
The concert area (SFM ph);the crowd in front of the stage (K.Borich ph)
Update March 5th :

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s original singer) gave me a great place in his myspace website and the connection is made with Scotland through Glenn Robertson’s website CRABSODYINBLUE dedicated to Bon Scott and AC/DC ! The Sure-Fire Midnights gave the podcast’s link in their myspace blog too.Thanks to you all !
Update March 7th :
It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll: Thanks to Glenn for the link to this (bad but hey !) video recorded at the end of the concert !

#60 Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Perth : interview with Buzz Bidstrup (short version)

To listen to the interview with Buzz Bidstrup (short version : 20 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

      Caress my chest ! (ph : ?)…singing and smiling ! (pic from video)

Today is AC/DC’s singer Bon Scott’s death anniversary and I propose to you my last interview with Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels‘ drummer) in a shorter and lighter version (20 mn instead 35 mn for those of you who have never enough time to listen to my long podcasts !); Buzz is organizing this week at Fremante near Perth-Western Australia where Bon Scott is buried a big event with concerts (from 23th to 25th) to raise money and erect a statue for Bon. AC/DC’s ex-members, famous Australian rock bands, young bands, friends and fans are expected to celebrate Bon’s music and life.
Buzz speaks about that event’s organization and shares some memories about his personal relation with Bon.
BTW : I prefer personally the long version…but you have the choice now !

Meltingpod Connections : Update February 21th
Yeah ! Meltingpod has a good place today in the Word Podcast Forum‘s homepage as « Featured Podcast » !! Thanks to the team !
Update February 26th : Meltingpod in home page this week on PODEMUS a French podcasts website : thanks to promote a French podcaster who speaks in English !!…:)