#51 : I want you !! (Frank Meyer interview part 1)

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Frank on stage with the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in 2005 (ph : Todd Westover at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood) and in June 2006 at Las Vegas.

Frank Meyer, singer, guitarist and leader from two rock bands : the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (I saw in Marseille in 2002) and Sweet Justice based in Los Angeles is also music producer with Messiaz, rock journalist, co-writer of « On the road with The Ramones« , film-maker, Video Game Theater‘s creator, one of the coolest rocker of this planet and… my guest today !!! During his work at the TV channel G4 he did a lot of very funny interviews with porn Stars promoting the Man Show which inspired my own show : at least I can ask him personally THE Question !!! Enjoy this first episode : THE WOMAN SHOW N°1 ! (the N°0 as test was recorded with Billy Hopeless last January).
I play two songs of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last album Gainsville : « When God and the Devil agree » and « December in a day ». At the end of the show I play a Troggs’s cover song recorded in one shot by the Cheetahs in 1995 featuring Wayne Kramer (a great performance !!) : « I want you !! »
In the part 2 you will have the whole Gainsville album ‘s lyrics’ story, song after song… a hard and nice human story in the band during their US tour.
For the new listeners you can listen to the first poscast with Frank in October 2005 « Right to rock » and watch his great video on my first Meltingvideopod.

26/08/06 Perth-Marseille Connection !

Wouahouh!!!! Thanks to John from Perth-Australia, singer and bass guitarist in Open Wound who sent me this morning this fabulous link to the Saints‘ video with Chris Bailey singing « I’m Stranded » at his debut in 1976….as wrote the poster on youtube : « This video cuts short by about 5 seconds at the end but I’m sure any Saints fan will be more than happy with the video anyways ». Hey, the Meltingpod-Saints’ fans : COME ON!!!
I watched during my last holidays a 4 hours film with a lot of interviews from the earliest most famous punk rock bands around the planet « Punk atttitude » by Don Letts with the Sex Pixtols, The Clash, Buzzcocks…a DVD offered by my friend Markus after my Buzzcocks’meeting in the plane flying to Berlin !!…a total pleasure but without mentioning the Saints it was for me a shock and a big deception. The Saints are soooo goood ! Right ?

    The Saints in France in July 2005 at the festival Oulala

Episode N°50 !! Podcasting, sex and sun !

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Michael in Rotterdam (videopic) and Lola Spinner‘s album : Shadow

7:am in San Francisco with Michael Butler (podcaster with the Rock and Roll Geek Show and bass guitarist with American Heartbreak) 10:am in Philadelphia-USA with Donna 4:pm in Marseille-France and just around midnight in Melbourne-Australia with Shane ! I invite you for this N°50 ( in fact if I add my Meltingtalks’shows I did 85 PODCASTS !!) to share our Skype conversation about Podcasting from the debut in September 2004 until now, the music we are playing in our podcasts (Mike started the first musical podcast in the world and works for Adam Curry and Podsafe Music Network now, I only am the first woman who started a podcast in France and the female companion to the RnRGS…:)…quickly the conversation became not podsafe : NOT allowed for all ages…:) but the music is 100% Podsafe with The Joykiller‘s song : Ready to Play (can be found on PMN; album : Ready Sexed Go), American Heartbreak’s song : Isolation (album : American Heartbreak) and Lola Spinner‘s song: Forbidden Fruit (album : Shadow; French-English band based in Paris). If you like their music, support these artists, buy their cds and show another way is possible !

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Cool, Cyrille like always is one of my best supporter on his Inter-Flou !

12/08/06 My Angels from Australia !!

A very nice suprise today coming from Australia : The Angels introduce Meltingpod and my interviews with them directly on their homepage and give me the first place on their biography page !!! Champagne is cold ! Come quick !

Update August 17th : I’m back home !
Some little mistakes ran in the links, here it’s OK now :
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Some nice contributions from the Angels to my podcast :
03/08/06 : They sang the song « Marseille » on the phone for my Podcast First anniversary !!
07/05/05 : The Angels sent me a pic wearing the Marseilles ‘shirt I mailed to Buzz !!
03/29/05 : John’s e-mailed me the story about Marseilles’ lyrics
03/20/05 : My first true podcast called Take me away to Marseille and Buzz’s first e-mail and appearance on my blog…:)

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