27/10/05 I’m with the drummer !

Hilary is the drummer, a talentuous and beautiful woman, Christopher is her great and lucky bass guitarist; both formed a drum and bass band Sabot in 1988 in San Francisco, have been living for twelve years in Tabor-Czech Republic and are touring around the world the whole year…look at their website at concerts in 2005 !!
They played in Marseille a few weeks ago and I recorded their concert live with their agreement, did an interview backstage after the show (very nice people) and played a song « Tracking » from their self-made last album « Doing it ourselves » ! (click to enlarge the photo)


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17/10/05 Stronger than the Hurricane !

The Black Halos (Vancouver-Canada) directly interviewed from Texas in the middle of the second hurricane…a special ambience; during a week I tried to reach Adam Becvare, The Black Halos’ guitarist and friend of mine, on his cell phone during their US tour for an interview planned since months…and at least I just reached him on the way between Florida and Texas at the worst period…he sounded very tired after hours spent in the van in the middle of the chaos of evacuated people but they are continuing the tour to promote their new album « Alive without control » and I’m giving you to listen to some songs of this punk rock and roll stronger than hurricanes ! Hey girls, look at this video where these sexy guys are playing in a peep show for girls…and be ready, they are coming soon to Europe !
Thanks Manny …:)


Billy Hopeless, the singer on stage and with Adam on guitar (pics from their myspacesite then Denyss McKnight the bassist (ph.Alyssa Green); below, Billy in hot position, Jay Millette and Rob Zgaljic (ph. Thomaxe NYC 2005)

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6/10/05 Right to Rock

Waiting for the Death of my Generation…! the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs are still alive ! In this show you will hear some songs from their album I got in 2002 after their last concert in Marseille before the band broke up…today they are reforming the original band in L.A. where they are living with some ideas for the future…an interview with « the Rock Bomb », Frank Meyer the SWC singer and guitarist will give you a lot of informations about the band’s new projects, the song’s lyrics, the rock concerts in Los Angeles with sometimes porn stars as support band, the new book Frank co-wrote about the Ramones on the road, Sweet Justice the new band he built to stay in form…Sometimes they are interesting people in the USA we must not forget it and I love them ! SWC is in the Teenage Head Music‘s roster.


Pictures taken by Todd Westover in L.A. September 24 th 2005 at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood

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Meltingpod connections :
Marseille loves the Normans : Always a pleasure to get such support from you, Cyrille ! Bon vent to the Transat 2005 !
A cool surprise : a bear from the polar circle did his first podcast and dedicated me his first song, the hands full of diamonds (« je suis chanceuse »). Hello to the Canada and Quebec !!
Second surprise today : I’m listed on iTunes after waiting three months !!! If you need a spell with some toad’s spittle let me know, maybe it could help you like me ! though thanks to Luc, Didier and…the toad !
Our Hamster Atomique announces he loves others bands than the Angels (he loves the Ramones too) and is opening a new website for the Dandy Warhols where I’m noticed as his favorite podcast in the world : hey hey !