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Meltingpod 7th anniversary Podcast 111 with 7 new albums in 2012 : Ed Kuepper (live and studio), 3 Foot Ninja, The Movements and The Angry Dead Pirates, The Spectrum Family, Conger!Conger!, Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts !!

Meltingpod was 7 years old this year in fact since last March and I will play songs from 7 new albums released these past 7 months of 2012 to celebrate it !!

Above Conger! Conger!’s new album released in vinyl (click to enlarge the pic), the new CDs from Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts, Ed Kuepper live and studio (on the left) and The Spectrum Family (on the right)

I chose to play one song from each album so join the party and listen to that great musical stream around the world ! If you wish more you can buy the albums clicking on the links below !
1 and 2 Australia :  « The way I made you feel » from Ed Kuepper’s live album recorded in Sydney with his drummer Mark Dawson as a bonus disc accompagning Ed Kuepper’s new studio album « Second Winter » with the song « Palace of Sin » (release party and show November 9th at the Old Museum in Brisbane)
3 England : « Carboard Cutouts » from 3 Foot Ninja’s debut album !
4 Sweden and France : The Movements’ (Göteborg) song « Being » played by The Angry Dead Pirates (Toulouse) released by the French Label from Marseille « Pariah ! Records »

The vinyl released by Pariah ! Records for The Movements and The Angry Dead Pirates; on the left the 3 Foot Ninja’s CD.

5 France Marseille : « Beistaguen » from The Spectrum Family’s new album « Transylvania »
6 France Marseille : « Pray » from Conger! Conger!’s new album « At the corner of the world »
7 Australia : « Wishing Well » from Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts’ new album « Family from Cuba »

Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts’ CD includes a beautiful book with a lot of musicians’ contributions to Ian’s work and life.
Byt the way tomorrow in France or today in Australia, it was exactly 6 years Ian passed away : a nice celebration day to play his posthumous album thank to Greg Sawers his manager who did a great labor of love for that release during these past 6 years !

The Cowboys from Outerspace opened for Holy Curse last show in Marseille during their goodbye tour in May June 2011

The Cowboys from Outerspace the famous band from Marseille opened the night at La Machine à Coudre in Marseille May 26th 2011 for their friends Holy Curse from Paris who gave their last show in our town during a goodbye tour all over France : a great and moving rocking night in a terribly hot atmosphere around 50°Celsius…:) Enjoy this report with some pics and two videos clips with both bands !

Michel and Henry from the Cowboys; Paulo Eric and Vinz from Holy Curse

Holy Curse played some songs from their new album « Take it as it comes » produced by Rob Younger (The New Christs, Radio Birman) and if they were stopping the band after that tour they didn’t break their friendship as it’s obvious on the video and pictures : it was a very moving goodbye to the friends and a great musical performance !! Thank you guys for your passion and good luck for your new projects !!

Mr Henry from The Cowboys; Eric and Vinz’s hugs during the last song…

Conger! Conger! Live at the Espace Julien in Marseille November 2010 tested their new songs before recording their new album !

One of my favorite rock band from Marseille Conger! Conger! gave a show at The Cafe of the Espace Julien November 20th 2010 and tested that night a lot of their new songs before going to Toulouse to record there their new album…in fact this week !!!

Click to enlarge these pics at Cafe Julien with such a nice light-show !

As always each show is different with Conger! Conger! : the new songs brought a new color it’s clear but the performance is always surprising with Patrice De Benedetti the drummer and lead singer (former dancer with Ex-Nihilo and right now with his own dance company beside his creative activities with the band !!) which tries all the time to feel the intuition of the moment : very focused his both mates on stage Pierrot Gon at the guitar and Didier Bautzmann at the bass quietly followed him in each of his fantasies for our greatest pleasure !! (live video below)

BTW = You can find another review and longer Live video HERE on MELTINGPOD from one of their shows at La Machine à Coudre last April !!

On the left : Flying above the stage at Cafe Julien ! On the right : Patrice playing with small bells’ bracelets to increase the effect of his drumming !

Can’t wait to listen to their new album and talk to you more about it : an interview is scheduled !!

Meltingpod Connections :
When my friend Eric Tessier from Radio Libertaire hosting « Place aux fous musique » in Paris abandoned his backstage pass for the Alice Cooper’s show in Marseille that night and joined me at the Conger! Conger! show…:)
The review in French is HERE !!
When my friend Bob Nebe writer of « That Striped Sunlight Sound » a music webmagazine came from Australia to Marseille and followed me a night of September at Enthropy to a Conger! Conger! show…:)
The review in English is HERE !!
Thank to you both to help me to spread the good music around the world!!

10/10/10 Le Grand Emmenagement de Generik Vapeur : the French street theater company left the ex Abattoirs for the new Street Arts City in Marseille !

Generik Vapeur the famous French street theater company from Marseille left the ex-Abatttoirs based in the old industrial area St Louis the 10/10/10 a symbolic date for a symbolic move with all the family, friends and fans who accompagned them to their new place : The Street Arts City erected in another old industrial area in Marseille, Les Aygualades.
It was hard to leave the old Abattoirs which was the theater’s stage of such fabulous events and stories, artistic or humans, full of poetry and passion during 20 years !!
Karine De Barbarin on the left picture, Bruno Montlahuc on the right picture : two Generiks who were there in 89 when the company started the adventure in the Abattoirs…between smiles and strong emotion just before the departure…

Everybody took a bag or an object and moved out towards the new place, under the rain…abandoning a few colorful feathers on the road…

The spontaneous theater show with the friends happy to become a street actor for a few minutes, one hour, during the time of the move.

Arrival in front of the new black metal building specially made for them and adapted to their professional needs. The old bar from the Abattoirs took a place in their new spacious hall.

Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot, both founder members of the company opened a giant Champagne bottle for the guests-workers !! On the right a last thought to the old Generik’s head quarters in the ex Abattoirs before taking my car again back home…all these memories which still float around…you could find some of them saved by Sara Vidal (aka Andree Vidal : Generik Vapeur president) in her book : « the ex Abattoirs, an original story » (Publishing Cris Ecrits).

Meltingpod Connections :
A thought to Pierrot Bidon who founded the circus Bidon and then Archaos in the same spirit than Generik and who passed away last March…his shows were pure rock and roll !! Watch it !!

#76 CaVe CaNeM and Yolka from Marseille, Lars Wallin from Sweden, Buffalo from Australia : a good Meltingpod to start 2008 full of energy !!

To listen to the podcast (mp3 20′)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

CaVe CaNeM (Fred & Julien) Lars Wallin & his live band (ph. bands websites)

At least fresh news from the rock bands at Marseille after a whole year speaking only about Australia !! I know a lot of listeners found my choice not well-balanced so this year 2008 I will try to honour my reputation of the first French-Australian rock podcast but I will try to record more live shows in my town or around the world who knows ?
In this podcast we start with CaVe CaNeM a new band from Marseille with Fred De Benedetti (guitar vocals) and Julien Lemonnier (tenor sax vocals), both programming their computer (the third member on stage !!) with two songs : « Chez les parents de Cécile » and Fast car ». I got their promo album after their live incredible show at the machine à coudre last Friday; they recorded it in one day, at the first take : everything is « home made » !!!
The way I love the music and the musicians !!
You can order their first 6 songs at : cavecanemprod(at)

CaVe CaNeM’s promo album : self-made by cavecanemprod !!

Through the same way Yolka another new band from Marseille is writting and recording song by song (they got two) at home with Pascal Ferrari at the guitar (+ computer) and Karolina at the vocals (in Polish); I played their last song Zima and I can’t wait to listen to the new ones !
Then Lars Wallin from Udevalla-Sweden who just released his first album « Bangardi Pogo »: I chose his song « On the road to Maningrida »…a road I hope to take one day myself (with him ?) in the Northern Territories in Australia to meet his aboriginal friends. He recorded the album at the first take too in 6 hours + a little bit bass, guitar, handclaps and cajun drum added in the studio at the end. Emotion guaranteed !
Then « Dune Messiah » : a song from Buffalo a famous Australian band from the seventies with Dave Tice at the vocals, John Baxter at the guitar, Pete Wells at the bass (who later formed Rose Tattoo) and Jimmy Economou on the drums; you could find it in their album released in 74 freshly called : « Only want you for your body » !!
Thanks to Michael from “Sittin in a bar in Adelaïde” for his greetings to me from Australia with the Angels (John Brewster and Chris Bailey) !!

Buffalo in 74 (Left to Right : Dave Tice, Pete Wells, John Baxter and Jimmy Economou) Yolka (ph : bands websites)

BTW : More about Pascal Ferrari in THIS PODCAST I recorded with him in May 2005 as well about Lars Wallin with THAT PODCAST recorded in November 2005 and you could also find Fred De Benedetti with his other band Kill the thrill in THIS PODCAST recorded in June 2005 : you could follow the evolution of these musicians and my progress in English…:)
A last word : Don’t hesitate to SUPPORT THE INDEPENDANT MUSIC/PODCAST IN SELF PRODUCTION !! It’s our future !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Update January 21th : TRUST is announcing a FRENCH TOUR 2008 with 17 shows and more to be confirmed soon !!

Podcast Info : Here is Dave Tice’s e-mail about the song Dune Messiah :
Hi Annie,
I’ve attached an MP3 of ‘Dune Messiah’ hope you get it OK.
The song is inspired by Frank Herbert’s book of the same name, … Continuer la lecture de #76 CaVe CaNeM and Yolka from Marseille, Lars Wallin from Sweden, Buffalo from Australia : a good Meltingpod to start 2008 full of energy !!

25/11/07 Interview with Philippe Jazarin de la Machine à coudre on Meltingtalks (in French)

Philippe Jazarin de la Machine a coudre a man who loved the women and the rock and roll, more exacly who loved everybody and the music.
He opened my favorite punk rock and roll’s venue at Marseille and he was my friend. The podcast interview is on line on Meltingtalks in French.

You answered to me with your usual humor last October 5th when I wanted to come and see you and to do an interview with you : « You come to record my testament before I die ? ». I answered to you : « No, there were more than two years we had to do that interview ! ». But we both knew the time was very short to do it : Philippe died last Thursday November 22th…
I edited that interview as you wanted it : without cutting anything !!
May the aboriginal spirits help you on the other side…kisses…
You remember : « for me you’re Marseille’s punk rock and roll heart »…and for that you will never die !!

8/11/07 Postcards from friends around the world : Punk attitude at New York, London, Marseille, Berlin and…Australia…and Chicago !!!

Punk atttitude on stage : Olivier from the Hatepinks and Ingi from the Gee Strings at Marseille last week (my pic from Olivier is old, I still haven’t a new digital camera but my friend Luccio the Frog had one and took for me this one from Ingi !) Billy Hopeless from the Black Halos at Nice in 2006. Speaking about that band my friend Adam Becvare (Black Halos’ guitarist) played last week at London with the Lords of the New Church again. He sent me a link to a podcast (Yes I know I missed something !!) from THE LORDS LIVE FOR HALLOWEEN HERE !! Thanks Adam for that and (added Nov 9th) for the fine report from « the inside the show » straight ahead from Chicago !! Read it at the end of the review « Meltingpod Connections »!!!

Punk attitude in their mind : The Saints at New York City during their last US tour in November : Chris Bailey and Peter Wilkinson (Caspar Wijnberg in the background) on the pics from Dolly Llama and Marco; thanks you !!
Erratum Nov. 9th from Dolly : « it was in fact the New Jersey show ». oups !

Punk history : Buzzcocks Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle around my friend Luccio the Frog after a show in France 2006.

This picture I found in Luccio’s pics’ album remembers me one of my funniest podcaster’s memory !!! So here is a kind of punk story : Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle were my anonymous neighbours in a plane during three hours flying to Berlin in May 2006 …I just asked him politely where they were coming from when I sat down near Steve, crushed in a full up Boeing; he answered very shortly : « London ! » Pete friendly added : « and you ? ah ! Marseille, nice city ! » That was all for one hour…I was tired and almost asleep on Steve’s shoulder until I saw his tattoo on his arm : « Hey the Saint on your tattoo ! I did an interview with them »; Steve : « which one ? Roger Moore ? » Me : « Euh ! No ! Chris Bailey ! » Steve : « ah ! the Saintsssss, I’m Stranded ! hey Pete she interviewed Chris Bailey from the Saints ! » Pete : « ah ! yes ! I’m Stranded ! » and nothing more for one hour, we were the three almost asleep until we were flying above Berlin. Suddently I heard the air hostess asking them what they were doing at Berlin; answer : « we’re a rock band and we are touring Europe ! ». I thought a rock band touring in a plane ? strange, but I plugged my microphone with a podcaster’s instinct; they asked me : « oh ! an interview ? » Me : « No, just say your name, the name of your band and you are listening to Meltingpod  » the rest in on MY BERLINER PUNK PODCAST…ahaha ! At the airport Steve took a photo from me and someone in the band told me : « hey, Annie, you will become famous with that picture » ! I said goodbye with laughing. Nice story ?…:)

Punk video from Australia : My friend Robert James from GANGgajang with his other band JJ’s Way : Give the people what they want !! Everything…NOW !

Meltingpod Connections : Update November 15th
Have a look on my last pics and a listen to this very funny PODCAST INTERVIEW with JEAN-LOUIS COSTES an incredible French rocker who performs trash theater shows. I met him at Marseille last week just after he finished to play his last 50 minutes show « Little birds shit » and he made directly after that a second 40 minutes show just for MELTINGTALKS !!!
Update November 11th : Saints anedoctes during their New Jersey show sent by Dolly Llama in the comments section…happy Birthday Peter !!…:)
Update Nov. 9th : Fresh report about the Lords of the New Church show at London October 31th by Adam Becvare back to Chicago : Enjoy ! (more about Adam with an interview in April 2006 HERE on MELTINGPOD)
Hi Annie, Here’s my Lords report for you 😉
2 rehearsals and a fistful of Chaos!!
Insert Guinness and add Bordeaux HERE. This is what it is like to be a Lord again and it fits me just like a warm glove.
Much has changed in the New Church since June 2003 and I’ve never seen Brian James happier… Continuer la lecture de 8/11/07 Postcards from friends around the world : Punk attitude at New York, London, Marseille, Berlin and…Australia…and Chicago !!!

#67 Marseille punks and rolls with The Neurotic Swingers – Live Show Part 2

The Neurotic Swingers Live at Marseille- Part 2 : a free concert I recorded just one day before Christmas 2006 at  » Le Poste à Galène. Enjoy !

To listen to the podcast with The Neurotic Swingers Part 2 (mp3 : 20 mn)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

The Neurotic Swingers on stage, musicians and music lovers in the audience : a melting of high energies !

#66 French punk rock Live at Marseille with the Neurotic Swingers – Part 1

To listen to the podcast with The Neurotic Swingers (mp3 : 25 mn)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

The Neurotic Swingers on stage and the public, young and energetic !

The Neurotic Swingers Live at Marseille…Meltingpod loves the Australian rockers but the French punk rock bands too. I needed to show you how it rocks here and this (free) concert I recorded just one day before Christmas 2006 at  » Le Poste à Galène will be, I’m sure, a good moment for you ! The ambience was crazy, the people started to dance a pogo without music…I never live that before !! So I propose to you a podcast in two parts with only music (not talk, no interview) one hour long nonstop as you were with us at Marseille by night !! Have fun !

#62 Meltingpod podcasts second anniversary !!

To listen to this fantastic podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 25 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Dave Evans, Aggravation (Marseille) and ISP (Valence); pics from their sites

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s former lead singer) sings for Meltingpod podcast second anniversary and I offer to you for that special event (and international day for the women !!) a flash back to the Saints Live in 2005 and a podcast recorded live a few weeks ago with a bunch of local punk rock bands (Les Sweet Children, I.S.P., Aggravation) who gave (with Menpenti and the Hatepinks soon here again) a concert to support our famous club « La Machine à Coudre » (the sewing machine) at Marseille ! Enjoy the ambience, like usual wet (imagine !) crazy and loud !
At the end a special dedication from Bertrand Lenotre one of the first French podcasters with me at the beginning of the year 2005 : we just were 5 or 6 at that period in France and I was the first female podcaster, YEAH !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Cool to be in The Angels’ new website’s homepage with such nice words !

Nice to be in the same time in No Exit, Doc Neeson’s friends’ new website ! thanks to you both ! The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s website is giving the first live pics (N. Bailey) on line ! Two at random : Dave and Buzz !
It miss the sooouuunnnnddd !!!…:)
Update March 12th :

Thanks to for this review in their cool French webmagazine !!
Update March 25th :
a new (low-fi quality!!) video but with the Angels on stage !!

8/02/07 The real and virtual galleries are opened : listen to the podcast watching the photos !

Listen to Marseille’s bands’ music on THE PODCAST and watch the musicians’ photos on LiveInMarseille‘s exhibition in the VIRTUAL GALLERY !!
From now you can see the exhibition in a real gallery too until March 3rd at Lollipop Music Store at Marseille if you are in the town.

On MELTINGTALKS you could hear another podcast in French where Pirlouiiiit, the photographer comments with me these 50 pics. Enjoy !

Last night, Frank Black (Pixies) was stuck on the wall at Lollipop Music Store; (Right) the store’s owner Stephane speaking with his good mate Pascal, both guitarists in the Neurotic Swingers; Pascal plays in « Ich bin dead too.

#58 Exhibition’s podcast with LiveIn-Marseille

Click on the icon to listen to or download the podcast (mp3 : 25 mn)
Click on the link to download the file

Pirlouiiiit waiting for a pic like a cat a mouse…then ready to shoot !!

A new kind of podcast today, associated to a photos’ exhibition, where Meltingpod and her crazy mix crossed Pirlouiiiit the photographer from LiveIn Marseille-Concertandco through a retrospective from the live shows played in Marseille’s area in 2006.
The idea is to watch a photos’exhibition in a real or virtual gallery listening to the podcasts (music or talk about it) and increase your pleasure !!
The 50 pictures’ exhibition from Pirlouiiiit will start February 7th at Lollipop Music Store-Marseille (until March 3rd); For those of you who don’t live in the town, we will give the link to the virtual gallery from February 8th…keep in touch ! Just to have an idea, look at here :

You will have at least two possibilities : a photocast on MELTINGTALKS where Pirlouiiiit comments with me (in French) these 50 pics ! A cool conversation where we share our passion for pictures and music !
Another one here where I played only music with 12 extracts from the local bands present in this exhibition who gave me the first ones and very quickly their agreements for that (a lot of rockers already known on Meltingpod but you will hear new sounds too) :
Oaï Star : Le destructeur d’horodateurs – LO : Again
Dupain : United Bras cass̩s РThe Hatepinks : Fallen in love with a Jpeg File
Strings of Consciousness : In between РScott Taylor : Sur ma mule (a song from David Lafore 5 T̻tes)
Ich bin dead : My fiction – D’Aqui Dub : O ma Brunetta !
Cowboys from outerspace : the push in – Cap’tain Carnasse : Pietro
Neurotic Swingers : Wake up your mind-Merakhaazan : Huge Indigo Snails
PS : i’m sorry if some bands on the pics regret not to be in the podcast (25 mn already is long) my door stays opened for a next time if they want !