25/11/07 Interview with Philippe Jazarin de la Machine à coudre on Meltingtalks (in French)

Philippe Jazarin de la Machine a coudre a man who loved the women and the rock and roll, more exacly who loved everybody and the music.
He opened my favorite punk rock and roll’s venue at Marseille and he was my friend. The podcast interview is on line on Meltingtalks in French.

You answered to me with your usual humor last October 5th when I wanted to come and see you and to do an interview with you : « You come to record my testament before I die ? ». I answered to you : « No, there were more than two years we had to do that interview ! ». But we both knew the time was very short to do it : Philippe died last Thursday November 22th…
I edited that interview as you wanted it : without cutting anything !!
May the aboriginal spirits help you on the other side…kisses…
You remember : « for me you’re Marseille’s punk rock and roll heart »…and for that you will never die !!

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