17/08/07 The Saints at the Australian Television tomorrow August 18th 2007 !!

Documentary about the Saints at the Australian Television SBS Saturday August 18th at 08:30 pm !! Great Australian Albums will introduce « with never-before-seen live footage, interviews, photographs and artwork The Saints’ first single « (I’m) Stranded » which burst out of Brisbane, Australia in 1976 as one of the landmark recordings in the punk rock revolution that changed music forever. »

The Saints – telephones

« In the mid-1970s, Queensland was under the thumb of a corrupt, politically repressive government, and the number one enemy of the state was youth. Singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper met and bonded over a love of music. The Saints brand of loud rock was shunned, so the group took it upon themselves to record their first single. Within weeks, they were the darlings of the international music press. EMI records in London signed the band – the first time an Australian artist had been approached. The Saints were in London at the epicentre of the punk revolution. The group’s individualistic, Australian scepticism alienated them from the fashion-conscious punk rock scene and the band imploded.(From Australia, in English) (Documentary Series) M (L) CC ».