7/06/05 From Hell to Eden !

From « Down in Hell » (first song) with Jerry Spider Gang a punk-rock band from Toulouse who played in Marseille a few months ago to « Living in Eden »(last song) with Nitwits a new young band from Marseille, you could listen to « Shoot the dice, Fucker » with the 1’s from Belgium (Manny the singer and bassist is almost a French man from Toulouse who played a lot of time in Marseille) and « Soave » with Kill the Thrill from Marseille and their new released album « Telluric ». A lot of good music. I hope you will like it.
PS : special guests opening the show : Adam Becware from the Black Halos and Chris Bailey from the Saints.


Jerry Spider Gang and The 1’s in action, Kill the Thrill at coffee break.

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Special thoughts to Louna, three years old, a little child I knew…

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